Your child is a wonderful little person who deserves the best of everything, including a room of their own, where they can grow in every possible way. Here are some tips on how to make their room a special place for them, where they can develop their imagination and learn how to use their time in the best way possible.

Bright colours for a bright day

You may be a fan of neutral tones, but your child will surely be much happier if their room has some color. You can paint all the walls in a bright color, or even a different one for each wall. Colors can affect your child’s behavior, so use that knowledge to make their room a place they will love spending time in. If the walls are white, add some colorful details that your child will enjoy. Paint a rainbow or a green field with flowers on one of the walls, hang curtains with vivid patterns, or put cushions and duvets in various colors on their bed. It will probably be much easier to get them to sleep at night if you make their bed look appealing to them.

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Cheerful furniture for cheerful children

The furniture in your child’s room should be something they will like, but also something they can easily use. Make sure their closets aren’t too tall for them, and if they are, put the things they use daily on the lower shelves. It’s also important that their chairs and any desks or tables are of the appropriate size, so that they can sit comfortably, without bending their backs. Nowadays you can get almost anything you can imagine, so their furniture can look like Alice had a yard sale in the middle of Wonderland. Their beds can be in the shape of a car, a castle, or even a pumpkin. And if possible, let your child choose some pieces. This way they’ll see that their opinion matters and being involved in decorating their room will make it even more special to them.

Things they love for a loving atmosphere

By bringing things they love into their room, you will make your children love the room itself more. So, hang posters of their favorite cartoon or book characters on the walls, put some family photos on the shelves and keep their beloved blanket or teddy bear where they can reach them at all times. If there’s something they’re proud of, such as a kindergarten diploma, a medal they’ve won in a competition, or a simple toy they made themselves, put it on display in their room. They will always be excited to show these things to their friends and it can even boost their self-esteem.


Activity space for active kids

In every kid’s room, there should be enough space for their favorite activities. If the room is small, opt for a built-in fold-down bed, so that you can create the necessary space for when the child wants to play or have friends over. If possible, buy or make an activity table and matching little chairs or floor pillows. There are even some adorable animal-shaped kids’ bean bags, with hanging ears or trunks. Children will love those, because they look like toys and are soft and comfortable for sitting and reading, or playing. Get some fun-looking boxes for their toys, shelves for their books and a chalkboard to draw on, and your kid will love spending their time among those things.

Cool parents make cool stuff

Your kids adore you and they will be happy to have things in their room that you made with your own hands. Cut and color foam flowers, make them a cardboard house or a kitchen to play with, or make decoupage picture frames for their photos. Cut and fold some of their drawings and turn them into a lovely chandelier above their bed or make a mini wigwam for them to play in. The possibilities are many and not only will your kid be thrilled to have these things in their room, but they will be more than happy to help you make them.

There are many things you can do to make your child feel cozy and warm in their home, and especially their room. You’ve seen some basic guidelines, now go and have fun turning your kids’ room into their dream place.


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