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Being a mom is a very time-consuming job, but one that doesn’t get paid. So, you’re left wondering if you can turn your multitasking abilities and your willingness to work hard into something tangible, like a few extra dollars at the end of the month. It seems easy. Although the internet is full of ads for making money by doing practically nothing, not many of those ads are legitimate. However, the ideas below are, so go through them and see which ones can fill the holes in your budget.

1 Run errands for others

Since you probably have to run your own errands, you’re already qualified for this one. And if you own a car, that’s even better. You can make deliveries or pay other people’s bills while your kids are at school, or you can even take them with you. Advertise online or in the local paper and get going as soon as possible.

2 Rent out your baby gear

Your baby’s stroller, crib or car seat are somewhere in your garage, collecting dust. You may want more children, so you want to keep the stuff, but you can still make use of it in the meantime. Many tourists with children would be happy to rent these things, since you can’t bring it all with you when you travel, especially if you take a plane. There are online platforms you can rent through, or you can choose to advertise your own way.

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3 Sell crafts online

If you’re creative and can make jewelry, crochet hats, bags or whatever else, you can sell those things by advertising them online. Use social networks or popular blogs to get the word out and start making money with minimal investment. This is a job you can do whenever and as often as you choose, so it’s not too difficult to fit into your busy-mom schedule.

4 Rent out a room

If you have an extra room in your home, you can rent it to a student, a working person or a traveler and earn some money. It would be ideal if the room had an en suite. You can even make some extra cash if you prepare their meals, which is something you do for your family anyway, so it comes down to simply setting another plate at the dinner table.

5 Take online surveys

This is something you can do when your kids are sleeping, at school, or even playing right next to you. All you need is a computer and internet connection and you can easily make money online by taking surveys or questionnaires. You can get paid in cash, using PayPal, or you can choose vouchers for popular websites and brands.

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6 Become a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant reads email and replies to people, schedules meetings or travel plans, or posts articles on websites for bloggers or businesspeople. You can usually do these things at the time of your choice, like when your kids are napping, or somebody else is watching them.

7 Be a companion for the elderly

If you’re a friendly and a patient person, this might be the perfect job for you. You might need to help them with some simple errands, basic housekeeping or just have a cup of tea and a decent conversation with them. You can even bring your children along. It could make the elderly person happy, and your child could benefit from the contact.

8 Tutor

Giving private lessons or tutoring is an excellent choice of work if you were good at English or math, and especially if you’ve studied foreign languages. You can find one student or several of them, and then choose if you’re going to tutor them at your own home, visit them at theirs, or even give Skype lessons.

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9 Bake or cook for cash

You’re used to baking cakes and cookies for your own kids, as well as cooking whatever they feel like on a given day. So, use those skills to make some money by baking goods for children’s parties or some office get-togethers. Offer some free samples to some target customers or share pictures of your food art online, and see what happens.

10 Become a pet sitter

You can take care of somebody’s dog or a cat occasionally or regularly. Take them to the park along with your kids, or simply let them play in your garden, but make sure you have a fence. You don’t want to lose somebody’s best friend. A big plus is that pets are great for kids, so this is a great option for you.

Everybody’s good at something, so take whatever you’re good at and cash it while being a full-time mom. Nothing’s impossible when you set your mind to it.

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