2018 Nursery Decor Trends

Now that all the holidays and holiday buzz is over, it’s the perfect time to get your mind occupied with something else. If you’re expecting or planning on adding another member of the family, you can check out these chic and beautiful nursery decor trends for 2018 which will definitely make you squeal from cuteness. Take a look and take notes.

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Scandi design

Scandi design is still going strong, especially in the nurseries. Its soft and warm colors and clean lines look perfect in a nursery because they exude relaxation and comfort. So, forget about industrial chic and travel to the north of Europe with this nursery design style.

Boho chic

Just like Scandinavian design, Boho has been quite popular for a while now. However, its bold colors, fringes, tassels, intricate wall hangings and patterned fabrics might be a bit too much for the baby’s little brain, so you might want to opt for a toned-down version of Boho style. Choose softer colors and pair bold patterns with minimalist furniture for a calmer vibe.The color purple and fun designs

This year, you can expect to see a lot of purple thanks to Pantone and its Color of the Year “Ultra Violet”. This soft lavender-like shade will certainly rule over nursery colors along with classic pinks, blues, and beiges. Also, the monochrome design is slowly getting replaced by intricate designs and painted accent walls. So, bring a variety of fun and interesting designs into your kid’s nursery. For instance, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can go bold with gingham, triangles, colored blocks and practically any other design you can think of. Just grab some rollers and brushes and get painting. You can even rent practical kwikstage scaffolding that will make your paint job a piece of cake.

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Say hi to metallics

You might think that nursery and metals never go together, but you’re wrong. After you introduce a few warm copper, brass and gold accessories and details, you’ll see how classy and modern your nursery looks. Silver metallics are still best kept away from the baby’s room, but maybe someday, they also get to shine in this department.

Circles upon circles

Circles have always been associated with unity and wholesomeness, so if these are some of the philosophies you want to teach your child, you might want to add a circle or two in their nursery. This year, circles are going to be put on everything from walls to cushions and linen, so either grab a good brush or learn how to sew circles on your baby’s favorite blanket.

Image source: Pinterest.com

Wood and more wood

If you want to do something more interesting than simply painting the nursery walls, in 2018 you can invest in all sorts of wood wall coverings (mainly shiplap). It will add a touch of interest and extra warmth to your nursery and make it look relaxing yet chic. This trend will only grow, so catch it while it’s still fresh!

Letters as decoration

Everyone who has Instagram or Pinterest knows just how big calligraphy is now, so it’s not a surprise it’s making its way into nurseries all around the world. In 2018 you’ll notice the rise in demand for framed hand-lettered signs and old-school letterboards. You can spell out anything from your baby’s name to your favorite quote about childhood, parenthood or life in general. These fun and inspirational signs will definitely help you through the hardest part of being a parent and put a smile on your face every time you enter your baby’s room.

Decorating your baby’s nursery is such a fun and rewarding experience and it’s never too early to start. So, save these stylish design tips and get to work. You’ll certainly come up with some of your own original ideas and maybe even start a whole new trend.

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