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Being a mother is unquestionably one of the most rewarding things in the world, but all moms will agree that it can often get quite challenging and frustrating – especially when the kids are small. If you agree with this claim, you should definitely stay with us and learn how to juggle your newborn and your toddler without any problems. Keep on reading and enjoy!

Be patient with your toddler’s misbehavior

Having a new brother/sister in their home can be extremely challenging for a lot of toddlers, as the routine they have known their whole life has been completely changed. When they become insecure, children tend to act out in order to get the attention they want. Even though this is completely natural, it can be quite frustrating and nerve-racking for you as a mom, but you should always be as gentle and loving as possible and your toddler will quickly adapt to the new situation.

Praise whenever you can

Having your toddler help you with the baby and interact with their new brother/sister is a great way for the siblings to bond and get to know each other. Of course, you should always praise your toddler in order to encourage positive and helpful behavior, so that they learn how important it is to help you out and develop a relationship with their sibling. Effective praise definitely goes a long way in shaping your kid’s appropriate behavior, don’t forget that.

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Do your best to be as organized as possible

Proper organization is undoubtedly the safest way towards living a stress-free life, so do whatever it takes to upgrade your organizational skills. We must say that getting ready in advance is never a bad idea, and you should do it either the evening before or early in the morning, before you and your kids leave the house. So, take your zippered nappy bag with compartments that will keep your stuff separated and protected, pack everything from diapers, wipes, clean clothes, healthy snacks, bottles of formula, and a sippy cup for your toddler, and you’ll do a great job!

Try not to stress over your toddler’s every meal

Yes, we know that this may sound ridiculous, but the fact is that stressing over your toddler’s every meal is likely to bring you more harm than good – especially in the long run. Most kids will be excited to eat things like cheese, ham, tomatoes, sausages, spaghetti, and toasted sandwiches, and you know what – it’s completely fine! Just be sure to simplify the meals so that you can actually spend more time with your kids, rather than standing by the stove in the afternoon. However, you should pay attention to their intake over the week. If your fruits and veggies are running out, you’re doing a great job, momma!

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When both are crying, don’t always rush to the newborn

Even though rushing and jumping at every single cry of your newborn is completely normal, the truth is that there will be situations when both of your kids will need your attention at the same time. Showing your toddler that he/she is important by running to them first is exactly what you should do sometimes, even if we’re talking about a quick kiss or snuggle. Those 10 seconds won’t do much for a newborn, but will mean a world to a toddler!


As you can see, there are great ways to successfully juggle your newborn and your toddler, and all you have to do is to stick to our five tips. Once you master that, you’ll realize that literally everything is possible!

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