Our Junior Joy Mum, Alicia wants to share her experiences on being a Mum for the first time with you. Here are some of her best tips on babies and parenthood. Also Check out and Like our Facebook Page to keep up to date to Alicia’s Weekly Tips and also to Share your own Tips.

What are the best tips for having a happy pregnancy?

  1. Have a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy
  2. Create memories like a belly cast or write a journal
  3. Always take breaks to relax
  4. Prepare yourself and your home for the baby’s arrival
  5. Continue exercising, yoga is great!

What are the five most important Baby Essentials?

  1. Clothes – Bodysuits and a Sleeping Suits (both long and short sleeved)
  2. Cot, mattress, sheets and blankets
  3. Nappies (if reusable you’ll also need a Nappy Pin)
  4. If not breastfeed: Bottles, Teats, Steriliser
  5. Mitts and Hats

What are the best tips to get your Baby asleep?

  1. Avoid eye contact with your baby
  2. Control the temperature in your baby’s sleeping room
  3. Try to find a routine like a calming ritual or a bedtime routine
  4. Choose a comfortable mattress
  5. Swaddling can calm your baby (especially in the first months)

What are the best tips for helping a teething baby?

  1. Rub a clean finger on your baby’s gum
  2. Give your Baby a cooling teething ring
  3. Give your Baby a cold, wet wash cloth
  4. Give your Baby something cold to drink (if old enough)
  5. Distract your Baby from its pain e.g. with playing

What are the best tips to potty train your Baby?

  1. Don’t start potty training to early
  2. Make potty training fun with reading or singing
  3. Praise or give little rewards if your child used the potty successful
  4. Don’t make a big thing out of their mistakes
  5. Don’t give your kids a lot to drink before going to bed

How to play with a Baby?

  1. Read or sing to your Baby (will help your Baby with the Language development)
  2. Let your Baby sort things e.g. stones in fitting cartons (helps to develop your baby’s physics)
  3. Play hide and seek e.g. behind a towel or hide the favourite toy of your child under a blanket so it has to search for it
  4. Let your Child draw
  5. Let your Child do some soap bubbles

What are the best ways to calm a crying baby?

  1. Swaddle your baby
  2. Hold your baby
  3. Distract your baby with singing or playing
  4. Give your baby a comforter
  5. Rock your baby for example in a pram

Tips how to get a calm and fun bathing time for your baby?

  1. Sing a song
  2. Bubbles or colouring the water
  3. Wash cloths puppets
  4. Give your baby some empty bottles and/or jugs to play with
  5. Give your baby bath crayons

What are the most important safety tips for babies and Toddlers?

  1. Never leave your baby alone with water (Babies can drown in only five centimetre high water)
  2. Never leave your child alone on a changing table
  3. Don’t put pillows, toys or stuffed animals in the crib
  4. Never leave strings or plastic beds lying next to your baby.
  5. Place a smoke detector in your kid’s room

How to help a baby with a cold?

  1. Create a steam room in your bathroom. Let a hot shower opened and sit in the room with your baby for some minutes
  2. Give your Baby enough drinks
  3. Let your Baby rest a lot of time
  4. Raise the head side of the crib mattress e.g. with some pillows or towels underneath so that your baby can breathe easier
  5. If you have a humidifier you can moist the air in your baby’s room to make breathing more easy

What are the best tips for travelling with a baby?

  1. Use a front carrier for bus and train journeys
  2. Plan some extra time for breaks and relaxing
  3. If you are not breastfeeding take some bottles of formula milk. Especially when you go by plan it can help your infant with the pressure on its ears.
  4. Always take a little bag with nappies, food and some toys

What are the best tips for your Baby’s first solid food?

  1. You can start when your baby is around 6 months
  2. One of the signs when your baby is ready for its first solid food they are able to sit and hold their head alone, that they can coordinate their hands so that they can pick up food on their own and that they can swallow
  3. At the beginning you should just offer little quantities like a teaspoon full of food a day
  4. Don’t add spices like sugar or salt to your Baby’s food
  5. Let your Baby explore the food on its own e.g. by eating with its hands or just hold or touch it