Did you have a plain and boring bedroom when you were a child and want to make your kid’s bedroom really special? While it’s sweet that your girl has pink walls or your boy blue, there really is a lot more you can to do to make their room different and interesting. You don’t have to invest thousands of dollars into designing your youngster’s room but there are a bunch of things you can do to make their room as comfortable and fun as possible. After all, their bedroom is the place where they probably spend the most time and its décor will have an impact on how your child grows and develops.

Add some style

There are so many things you can do to add a little style to your child’s bedroom. For example, do you still have your own four-poster bed? If you do, you can repaint it into a nice gray-green color and put it into your son’s room where it’ll contrast nicely with simple white walls. Another way to make your boy’s room interesting is having nice wallpapers with sailing ships on them. But don’t choose the cartoonish ones; you can buy some with nice sophisticated cream color in the background and demure sailing ships on them. Add some brown-black furniture to the room as well as some navy-color curtains and this room can stay this way from the time your son is a baby well into his teens. The room will be soothing yet masculine.

Pink is for girls

girl room
If you have a girl, she’ll likely ask for pink walls or pretty much pink everything. But there is always room for some creativity and uniqueness. Having a pink bed along pink walls might be a bit too much so why not let your daughter sleep in a nice traditional country bed that’s a leafy shade of green. The contrast between the walls and the bed will be beautiful. Or you can keep the walls and furniture like bed, desk and wardrobe white but have the linens, curtains, pillows, lamps, carpets and wall décor in different shades of pink.

Neutral with pastel colors

If you don’t want to experiment too much with colors, like myself, you can always stick to neutral color walls and have everything else in pretty pastel colors. I like to keep my walls white because it means that I can always change up the furniture and decorations. So for a girl’s room you can have linens and pillows in a pretty pastel lilac and then add nice wall hangings also in soothing pastel colors. You can put in a pretty-print kids teepee to make the room more interesting and your child will have a special place to read or play.

Cool wall decorations, colorful accessories and bold accents

You want your child to develop character and their sense of themselves so having a personalized room is really important. Make this space exciting for them by decorating it with things they love. Whether these are some pictures on the walls, or some letters, or stars, or interesting artwork, let them develop creativity by having amazing décor in their bedroom.

You can add super-tall upholstered headboards with different themes on them to make a child’s simple white bed interesting. Or you can you add a beautiful and colorful patchwork quilt. You can put on wallpapers showing the map of the world to inspire your child to dream big. To have a more modern child’s bedroom, have some quirky artwork hanged on the walls. For your girl’s room, put on some pretty patterned curtains like with butterflies or flowers.

These are just some of the ideas you can use to decorate your child’s room. A child’s bedroom is their safe place, their sanctuary so it really needs to be special and unique, and you as the parent can make it so. Be creative and have fun while decorating it, because having an awesome bedroom is something your child will remember forever.

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