First of all, congratulations for successfully making through your little one’s first year. It probably feels like you brought home a newborn yesterday, and now you are planning their first birthday party. Since baby’s first birthday is once in a lifetime event, logically, you have to make it special. Here are some ideas that can help you to make it the best it can be.

Watermelon wonder

Since you are throwing an outdoor party, you probably have a summer child. And is there a truer taste of summer than watermelon? How cool would it be to make a watermelon-themed party? The best thing about it lies in its endless possibilities – from cake pops all the way to sweet décor. You can also cut up cubes of this amazing fruit and serve them as little healthy treats for your guests.

Under the sea

Your little Squirt will go crazy about this under the sea theme. Incorporate shades of blue and aqua with a couple of bold pops at the catering table and watch everyone getting lost in the beauty. Decorate the space with blue and green balloons, with cardboard fish, fishnets, seashells etc. Decorate your simple commercial shade sails with fish stickers, blue confetti and balloons to make even the sun shade fun.

Somewhere over the rainbow

Colors, colors, colors! All of them! Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple! Make your whole yard look like there was a unicorn fiesta in there the night before. Go with colorful canapé, colorful balloons, colorful cakes, and make sure you all dress monochromatic but in different colors, while the main character can wear them all combined. How cool is that?

Ice cream paradise

I scream ice cream, you scream ice cream, all the kids scream ice cream, the whole world screams ice cream! And no other time of the year is better for an ice-cream themed party than summer (but we wouldn’t judge you if you made your ice cream bash in the middle of winter either). Get ice cream helium balloons, sprinkle your lawn with colorful confetti and white balloons, and serve nothing but ice cream – in all its forms.


Is there anything easier and cuter than turning your backyard into a jungle to accommodate all your little monkeys? Make lianas out of green ropes, throw on some fake jungle leaves and send your guests on a wild jungle safari. You can even display a couple of stuffed jungle animals to increase the feeling. Find some more inspiration on Pinterest.

Pennant banner is a must

This simple but super sweet fabric banner will add a pop of color to any space and turn it into a party space instantly. You can use any fabric, as long as the colors are bright and fun. All you’ll need is some fabric, a package of extra wide double fold bias tape, thread and sewing machine, ruler, rotary cutter, sewing pins, iron and ironing board.

Firstly, you should cut the double amount of triangles compared to how much triangles you have in mind. A banner out of 32 (16) triangles is about 100 inches long. Pair them up and sew the pairs together with right sides facing. Finally, insert them into the bias fold as deep as possible, pin them in place and sew them on with a thread.

Ball pit as well

Every child loves ball pits. And instead of wasting money on rental one, make your own using a bunch of plastic balls and an old kiddy pool.

“One” photo collage

You can personalize your party even more by proudly displaying this gorgeous decoration somewhere where everyone will see it. Print out your favorite photos from your little one and arrange them on a piece of cardboard in a shape of a number one. Unique and adorable at the same time.

What do you think about these ideas? Do you have some more you would like to share with us? Feel free to comment.

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