Babywearing used to be something that mothers around the world practiced for centuries in order to look after their babies and do various other chores meanwhile. Its decline started at the beginning of the 20th century, when strollers appeared, so all affluent parents switched to this fashionable method of transporting their babies. Recently, babywearing has become increasingly popular, and with good reason. It holds numerous benefits both for the baby and the mother, and now even respectable pediatricians recommend it. One of the most striking advantages of carrying your baby in a sling or carrier is that it stimulates your baby’s brain development, besides helping them adjust to the outside world.

Improves physical development

The first couple of hours after the birth are extremely stressful for the baby as they left the safety and warmth of the mother’s womb. If babies spend most of their time in their cribs, they will be frustrated and insecure as it’s in their nature to get to know a new environment and adjust to it. Such babies tend to suffer from anxiety, sleep pattern disturbances, and colic. That’s why skin-to-skin contact with the baby should be encouraged as it calms the baby down, makes them feel safe, and helps increase respiratory, temperature, and glucose stability. It’s clear that being so close to the mother is highly beneficial for your baby because they can feel your heartbeat and breathing, while the familiar smell makes them feel safe and cozy. Your baby will be comfortable and relaxed, which will speed up their development. However, if you want your baby to enjoy all those benefits, it’s important to choose the best babywearing equipment. Make sure to read through some of the baby carrier reviews that you can find online before making a purchase.

Encourages learning

Nervous, upset babies who cry excessively, waste a lot of energy so that they grow and develop more slowly. Namely, excessive crying increases production of stress hormones which prevent development. On the other hand, babies who are close to their mothers are more content and happy, and they cry for only a couple of minutes a day. This means that they can spend all their awake time absorbing new information and learning. The fact that they feel protected in their mothers’ arms gives them the privilege of being able to focus on what’s going on around them and interact with the environment. Babies who are carried around in a sling or carrier learn faster as they’re exposed to much more stimuli than those who spend their time in a crib. Since babies learn by experiencing and touching, they’re interested only in things that are within their reach. Babies worn in a sling or carrier can explore new territories and they are more self-confident and curious.



Promotes bonding and socialization

Mothers are busy and they have a lot of chores to do. By carrying their baby around in a sling, they can easily multitask and finish everything. That allows them to bond with their babies all the time and attend to their every need. Many mothers say that when they hold their baby in a carrier, it’s easier for them to understand what the baby is trying to communicate to them. That way a deeper feeling of trust is established as the baby doesn’t have to cry in order to attract your attention which eliminates their frustration, boosts their confidence, and in the long run, enables them to develop healthy relationships with other people. There’s no better way to involve your baby in your world than this. Babies can subconsciously learn how to interact with the world by seeing your facial expressions, body language and the tone of your voice. Naturally, babies are upset when they meet new people, and when they’re in their mother’s or father’s arms, they’ll easily overcome their fears.  

The old-school practice of babywearing helps your baby reach their full potential and develop into a smart, happy, self-confident person.

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