Benefits of Having Your Children Grow Up with a Dog

Instead of welcoming just one new member to your family, welcome the two of them. Having your child grow up with a dog is a valuable experience that will affect your child’s life in a positive manner. To be more precise, there are both physical and psychological benefits to growing up with a loving and caring family dog. You can never give too much love to your child and having a dog around is only going to bring even more love to your family life. Keep on reading to learn more about exact benefits of children and dogs growing up together.

Benefits of Having Your Children Grow Up with a Dog

Always a friend around

As they grow up and face various difficulties that come with childhood, it’s only logical that kids will get to experience both happy and not so happy feelings. Anger, sadness and anxiety are all normal parts of growing up. However, children need to learn to cope with these things. This is where having a dog can help them tremendously. For a child who experiences some kind of difficulty for the first time in life, their dog is a friend who will always be there for them, to support them and show love and care. Petting and cuddling are known to reduce stress as well. Therefore, spending time with a dog from the first day is a companionship that will guide the child and help them move forward.

Benefits of Having Your Children Grow Up with a Dog

Improved fitness

Regular physical activity is necessary for every child’s development. However, these days a lot of children rather spend their time at home, playing video games and watching TV than play outside and run around. Thanks to their furry pal, kids will get more than enough exercise on a daily basis. Dogs want attention and they want to play. Even if it’s for a little while, playing with their dog is a great exercise for young kids. Not to mention that dogs require constant walks. If your child is old enough, make sure that they regularly take your dog for a walk in the park. The walk, fresh air and nature will do them a lot of good.

Benefits of Having Your Children Grow Up with a Dog

Responsible behavior

Growing up with a dog means that your child will develop a natural instinct to care for their pet. Of course, you should help them learn the basics of pet care. Essentially, feeding, brushing, bathing and walking the dog are all essential parts of proper dog care. As they get used to doing all these things, children will develop a higher sense of responsibility. What’s more, if you feel that your child is very good with dogs and pets in general, they can also become a member of Mad Paws pet sitters. That way they will get to take care of other pets and their responsible attitude will grow stronger every day.

Benefits of Having Your Children Grow Up with a Dog

Stronger immunity

Children who are exposed to pets from day one are known to have a stronger immune system. In general, getting used to pet dander and microbes has the power to strengthen the baby’s immune system, which means better health and fewer visits to the doctor. Moreover, thanks to being around a furry pal almost all of the time, the risk of allergies in early child’s life is significantly reduced. This is also connected to the fact that dogs need to spend time outdoors where allergens can stick to their fur and paws. As they come back inside, children are exposed to these particles and in very early age are more likely to develop immunity to them.

Benefits of Having Your Children Grow Up with a Dog

Happy child

One of the greatest benefits of growing up with a dog is the fact that children have a lot more reason to be happy all the time. Spending time with a pet dog is genuinely fun and fulfilling. There’s always someone to play and cuddle with. This significantly raises the levels of the so-called “happy hormone” serotonin. This means that spending time with a dog is a sure way to make your child happier but more confident and energetic as well.

If you want your child to grow up to be a strong, kind and healthy individual, the best thing you can do for them is to introduce them to a furry pal from the moment they come to this world. A pet will make your family life more exciting and fun every day.

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