Bathrooms and children are often a recipe for a disaster. Children not only have the ability to create a mess almost instantly (especially when there’s a lot of water around), but their recklessness can be quite dangerous in the bathroom. However, don’t worry; bathrooms are not some death-traps that target kids! With only a few little modifications and safety steps, your bathroom will be perfectly safe and practical for your kids.

Prevent slips

Another quite common bathroom safety issue is slipping, especially in the bathtub or shower. Water mixed with soap makes polished surfaces very slippery for adults, let alone kids who are still not very stable on their feet. However, you can remove this threat by investing in some anti-slip bath and shower mats. They come in all sizes and fun designs, so your kids will love them. A rug placed in front of the bath can also provide extra grip when entering and exiting the bath. Plus, it’s warm and cozy!

Install anti-scalding devices

One of the most common bathroom accidents that involve children is scalding. It can happen in the shower, in the bath and while washing hands and it can be very painful and even leave permanent scars. Luckily, there is an easy and fast way to prevent scalding. By installing anti-scalding devices on faucets and showerheads, you can prevent sudden water temperature changes and put a stop to hot water injuries.

Get a grip

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Another way to ensure your kids are safer in the bathroom is to install grip bars near your bathtub or inside your shower. They come in very handy when entering and exiting the bath or shower and provide an extra safety feature for your kids to rely on. There are models of grip bars that are mounted using suction cups, which means they can be lifted or lowered and allow an easy and fast installation.

Remove sharp corners

Since bathrooms are often quite slippery, accidents can happen very quickly and suddenly. So, make sure to limit the number of sharp corners and opt for more rounded edges of your fixtures and bathroom furniture. For instance, oval bathtubs can be much more kid-friendly, especially when combined with round sinks and faucets. Sharp corners can also be a bumping and scraping hazard. Small kids can bump their heads into corners or end up with nasty scrapes. Rounded fixtures are much safer in that department.

Allow kids to be independent

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If you want to encourage your children to use the bathroom alone and be independent when it comes to their personal hygiene, you have to bring things to their level. Set aside the lowest shelf and fill it with your kids’ hygiene products, bath toys and towels. This will allow them to be independent, responsible and prevent tip-toeing that can result in falls. However, if you can’t bring things to your child, bring your child to the things! A simple yet sturdy step stool will make reaching things a piece of cake! Your kids will be able to wash hands, brush teeth, hang towels and reach the toilet on their own and without any safety concerns.

Install locks

Even though allowing your kids independence and freedom is important, there are some things that should be off limits. Medication and cleaning supplies should always be kept in locked cabinets. They are very dangerous for kids and can even cause death if ingested. So, make sure to have plenty of storage space with safety locks for items like these. Even if you have young kids who still can’t open cabinets, they learn very fast and can surprise you very unpleasantly one day. Other things that should be kept out of your kids’ reach are makeup and hygiene products. You don’t want your new and expensive moisturizer ending up all over the counter.

Make it fun

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If you want your kids to love spending time in the bathroom, you have to make it fun. Bold colors, interesting prints, fun shower curtains and some toys are all you need. No need to install kid-sized toilets and sinks—only a few decorative pieces will make kids feel at home in the bathroom. You can also invest in fun bubbly products. Foaming soap and bath bombs are especially fun to watch as they fizz and disappear. You can also bring in some color with textiles. A fun and fuzzy bath rug and cozy colorful towels can bring the whole space to life and make your bathroom more inviting for kids.

Keep electronics unplugged

Cords all over the bathroom are not only tripping hazards, but they can also be easily pulled off the counter and into the bathtub or shower. So, every time you finish using the hairdryer or the curling iron, make sure to unplug them and put them safely away.

After you do all of these safety steps, you can rest assured that your kid is safe and happy in your bathroom learning good hygiene habits.

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