Moving into a new house is an exciting occasion, but it’s also a chance to start fresh and introduce a few changes into your life. And the absolutely best way to do so is by cleaning your new living space first and making sure it’s ready to welcome your family. Big houses require lots of work, so be ready to invest a couple of weeks’ time into this project, as well as a considerable amount of money, but keep in mind that it’s all going to be worth it in the end. If you too are currently in the process of moving into a new house, here’s how to clean it.


Step one: declutter

This is the first thing you need to do once you’ve bought or rented a new house – remove everything that’s unnecessary, impractical and unusable. This is going to open lots of new space for you, but also make you feel like you’ve just been cleaned. Only if you remove all signs of the past will you be able to make a clean start and decorate the house in your own unique fashion.

Depending on how messy the previous owners were and how many things they’ve left behind, decluttering a house can take from a couple of days to an entire week, so prepare for this – get dozens of empty boxes, ask your friends for help, get your kids involved in the process and rent a truck that will take all of these things to a proper disposal site. However, try to make things easier by organizing in advance and knowing what you should and shouldn’t do when decluttering a house. Once you’re done with that, you can move onto other projects.


Step two: clean

In order to welcome new tenants, a new house must be adequately cleaned, sometimes even several times. Every single corner, every wall, every part of the floor, every piece of furniture and every square inch of storage space need to be absolutely spotless! Again, no matter how big your house is, cleaning it from top to bottom is never easy, even if you have all the help in the world and some of the best cleaning supplies by your side. That’s why you need to think outside the box for a while and come up with a sound plan.

Cleaning a new home should be divided into several stages and done room by room and area by area. Set aside enough time for this, find your own pace and work slowly, but carefully. Most people start with the kitchen and the bathroom because there’s so much to do there – from counters, cabinets and fridges to baths, sinks and toilets – and these rooms require special attention although they’re usually the smallest in the house. After that, move to the living room, bedroom and other areas of the house, finishing things off with the patio and deck. After all, if you wish to spend some time in the open, be sure to give these areas a scrub as well. Outdoor areas are usually the dirtiest, so you can easily use heavier equipment here – most people opt for reliable Karcher pressure washers that use water pressure to remove even the toughest mold, mud and dirt from all surfaces. You can use these indoors too and save yourself a ton of time.


Step three: repaint

After cleaning the house for the first time – yes, first, because there’s more cleaning later – you can direct your attention to repainting the walls, doors and window frames. While most people don’t enjoy getting dirty and doing everything on their own, others love customizing and personalizing their new place, and better way to do that than by leaving your mark on every single wall of the house? In the end, these things shouldn’t take more than a day or two, provided you know how to use a paint roller and other painting equipment.

Once you’ve repainted the rooms, the next step is – yes, you’ve guessed it! – another cleaning session. However, this is different than what you did earlier and shouldn’t require that much energy. By this time, your house should almost be ready for moving in and all you need to do is eliminate the traces of painting. Clean all the equipment in your bathtub and pay special care to the floors and windows since these often get dirty in the painting process.


Step four: move in and enjoy

Now that your walls are fresh and clean, and your new place is completely ready to welcome your family, it’s time to move in the rest of the furniture and start enjoying this new phase in your life. Finally, pay attention to details when decorating as this will make your house feel like a home and you’ll know you’ve done a great job cleaning it.

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