The environment where your kids spend most of their time can deeply affect their development. A room without stimulating toys, books and other learning tools can stifle their growth, while a few simple changes in design can make a world of a difference for their imagination and problem-solving skills.

Let’s take a look at a few kids-friendly choices in organizing their rooms that will help you bring out the best in your little nestlings without being a sever burden on your wallet!

The play nook

A simply organized room is usually the best one. That means allowing a separate corner that is designed for hours of uninstructed play on the floor, and save the desk for homework. Build a chest that can fit their largest plush toys, dolls and action figures, and an easy-to-reach shelf for the Lego collections, puzzles, and the like, while you can save their desk for drawing materials and anything else they might enjoy, such as arts and crafts.

To keep the floors comfy and easy to clean, you can use playmats in fun color palettes that can be undone in a matter of minutes, and that are perfect for mess-free play sessions. Go for non-toxic playmats that are easy to store and clean, so your kids can use them for years to come.

Learning made fun

A shelf or drawers filled with fun coloring books, connect-the-dots and similar activities can be a great start to getting your kids interested in learning through play. A children-friendly encyclopedia filled with fun images of animals, space phenomena, collections of fairytales, hand-eye coordination boosting toys made of wood or plastic are all wonderful ways to keep your kids engaged.

They can also give writing a go in their own writing corner, where they can fill out their diaries and write letters to Santa or your relatives. They can even create a little stage and perform improvised plays for you (or their toys, who knows!) and spend time with their friends and siblings doing homework, in an environment that makes learning enjoyable and rewarding.

Cleanliness first

Every mom feels the urge to keep their kids healthy, almost in a protective bubble so as to avoid even the slightest possibility of them getting sick or hurt. Fortunately, kids actually build their immune systems by being exposed to dirt and germs, especially when you take them on those family field trips. However, the perks of messy end there, and keeping their rooms clean will help them maintain that hard-earned resilience.

In addition to regular vacuuming, bedding changes and dusting, it takes a mighty air purifier to protect your kids from high levels of urban pollution. It’s best to read the best air purifier reviews online before you settle for the best one, and consider adding a low-maintenance plant or two to boost your indoor air quality around the house.

Colors matter

Warm, pastel shades are known for the soothing effect that are perfect for creating a feeling of comfort, while vibrant tones such as orange are exciting and thus perfect for keeping kids alert and focused. Yellow is associated with high levels of positivity and improved memory, whereas green is nature-inspired and calming.

Whichever palette you choose, you can involve your kids in picking the perfect range of tones, and at the same time use their room décor to inspire creative thinking, sweet dreams and learning. A combination of subdued hues and loud tones usually works very well for both boys and girls.

Encourage creativity

We’ve all seen those avid young collectors of stamps or CDs, and these lovely creative expressions start very early on. Let your kids create their own collection-friendly nook where they can glue, file or alphabetize their favorite items. Aside from collecting, if you do your best to limit digital gimmicks and keep their screen time to a minimum, you’ll be surprised how many ideas they will come up with for play.

They might enjoy writing stories, role-playing with friends or with you (so get ready to be their sidekick hedgehog on all fours), make jewelry, or pretend to have their own cooking show. Either way, talk to them to explore their interests, and encourage them to use their room as a perfect space where ideas happen and dreams come true!

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