Finding the perfect travel destination where you can take your entire family, have fun with your significant other as well as your little munchkins, can often be a demanding task. Not only is preparing for a family trip hard work that requires time and careful planning, but many destinations just aren’t suitable for baby fun. Not Canada, though.

Graced with urban and natural wonders too numerous to experience and adventure in a single lifetime, almost every destination in this vast country is family and baby-friendly. With that in mind, here are some of the most breathtaking places you shouldn’t miss on your next Canadian escapade.

Toronto – a thriving metropolis

Toronto, where timeless charm meets culture and adventure at every corner. Rich with architectural wonders such as the iconic CN Tower lording over the expansive skyline, as well as the older, low-rise buildings such as the Gooderham Building or the Osgoode Hall, Toronto is a welcoming metropolis full of sightseeing opportunities as well as pure baby fun.

With an array of amusement centers for families, you can choose to take your kids to a baby theatre play, or watch them roll around a foamy obstacle course supervised by professionals while you and your partner go on a well-deserved shopping spree. The city is clean and meticulously organized, so you will have no problem getting around with a stroller in one hand and an ice-cream cone in the other.

Revel in the beauty of Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is probably one of the most popular family-friendly adventure destinations in the world, portrayed by countless Hollywood movies that simply can’t do it justice. The spectacular scenery of the falls will unroll before your eyes as you glide in the waters down below, waiting to pass near the ever-crashing current in the distance for a better look.

No matter if your kids are babies, toddlers, or preschoolers, this natural wonder is bound to leave them speechless. Book a springtime or summer cruise for the best views and the warmest, sun-laden days spent admiring the Falls.

Discover the dynamic scenery of Alberta

Alberta is a province located in Western Canada, world-renowned for its sightseeing opportunities, numerous outdoor activities, and breathtaking landscapes that deserve a holiday exploration of their own. Alberta is not only a destination you don’t want to miss, but it is also one of the best self drive Canada tours you can take with your family.

Your tour of the region will entail a drive to numerous natural wonders such as the Jasper National Park, the Alberta Badlands, as well as a tour of ancient glaciers located in the state’s south-west region. You will also have the opportunity to visit the beautiful cities of Calgary and Edmonton, enjoying the walking trails of River Valley, and spending a peaceful afternoon in one of the cafes at Whyte Avenue in Edmonton.

Ice skate along the Rideau Canal in Ottawa

Bordering the Quebec province in eastern Canada, Ottawa is a true winter wonderland no family should skip on their Canadian adventure. Laden with beautiful Victorian architecture throughout, the city has managed to preserve its quaint charm over the years, while still embracing technology and the meticulous infrastructure the country is known for.

Wintertime is a splendid opportunity to see the capital in all its glory and revel in the snow-laden streets and ornate facades of old. Don’t forget to visit Parliament Hill, and go ice skating along the Rideau Canal before visiting the National Gallery of Canada.

Whale-watching in Victoria and the Vancouver Island

Located a mere 90-minute ride from Vancouver, the capital of British Columbia, Vancouver Island is a place rich with family-friendly activities, exuding a quaint atmosphere children and adults will enjoy equally.

Be sure to treat your kids to a visit to the Butterfly Gardens or even a hike in Juan de Fuca Provincial Park if they are up for the challenge. Save the best for last and enjoy a mesmerizing whale-watching tour, with eight-meter Orcas regularly roaming the surrounding waters.

Canada is a vast country too mesmerizing and beautiful to be experienced in a single trip. While you will definitely be tempted to come back to this family-friendly wonderland, make sure these five destinations make it into your itinerary this year.

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