Summer is almost here so it’s the perfect time to organize fun and exciting activities on the patio that your family will truly enjoy. The only problem is that yours looks neglected and old. Having this in mind, you should definitely put your imagination to good use, create a family-friendly outdoor area for all occasions and have the best summer yet. In order to help you out, we have singled out our top tips for creating your very own dream patio.

Greenery and landscaping

First things first, if your patio area is overgrown with weeds and tall grass, then you can’t expect anyone to have a nice time there. Therefore, it’s extremely important to hire landscaping professionals who will give their best to transform this part of your home into a pristine living area with colourful flower beds and nicely trimmed hedges. Apart from that, you can decorate your patio with chic accessories like artistic hanging flower pots and birdbaths which will really bring out the meaning of style.

The kids’ corner

kids garden
You can’t have a family-friendly patio without a cool kids’ corner for the little ones. And keep in mind, before you start picking out your ideal swing sets, monkey bars and sandboxes, you should opt for non-chemically treated building materials and lumber so that your children will stay safe while playing. Additionally, if you want to let them express their creativity and let their imagination run wild, you can install big chalkboards for them where they will surely spend the whole day drawing. Lastly, if you want to spoil your kids completely, you can build a tree house and make your patio the talk of the town among youngsters. Think about adding new flooring to make the space more stylish.

Ambient lighting

Furthermore, finding the perfect lighting solutions for your patio can extremely boost its aesthetic appeal and will contribute to an overall pleasant atmosphere. For this reason, we recommend opting for serene candle holder fixtures where you can place scented candles for those intimate evenings with your beloved one, or go for discrete floodlights which will tie the whole look together. What’s more, don’t hesitate to invest in diffuse fixtures since they are a must-have for every modern patio. They will spread out the light equally without creating harsh shadows that are unpleasant to the eyes.

A chic seating and dining area

garden sitting area
More and more families are going crazy for patio dining. However, the experience wouldn’t be complete without amazing outdoor dining furniture. For example, wicker chairs and table can create an inviting atmosphere, are all-weather resistant and can provide you with that much-needed comfort. On top of that, when you want to have a relaxed conversation or simply bask in the sun after a meal, you can bring out an elegant lounge or an armchair. More importantly, this way, you will also get a chance to create a great spot where everyone can gather around for a family board game night or similar group activities.

Patio spa and chill zone

Last but not least, if you want to take your patio design to a whole new level of relaxation, you can turn it into a spa and chill area. Not only will this make the summer heat more bearable, but it will provide your loved ones with a fun physical activity and a place to completely unwind in a natural setting. On top of that, you can even consider a swim spa with features such as hydrotherapy and full body massage recliners which are perfect for sore muscles and back pain. Finally, don’t hesitate to opt for a Jacuzzi which will add that touch of luxury to your patio.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much effort to create a dreamy patio where all your family members can have a great time during the long summer days. All you need to do is get creative with design ideas and feel free to call experts for help. Good luck with your project.

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