Have you noticed any changes in your physical appearance? Some extra fat or saggy skin here and there? Sudden loss of hair with sudden appearance of hair in unexpected places? Perhaps your breast size fluctuates, as well? No, you’re not losing your mind, it’s probably just that you recently had a baby. Having a baby changes many things in many ways. Apart from the most obvious aspects of change, it also changes your body entirely, which is completely normal given that your body has been in an unusual state for the past nine months or so. Regardless of how amazing pregnancy and giving birth are, they do represent a certain shock to your organism and it just takes some time to recover from it. During this time, you should simply adjust your style to the newfound situation in order to feel better. Choosing clothes that fit your figure will boost your self-esteem and you’ll be able to cope with all these changes with a smile on your face.

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Maternity clothes

It’s okay to keep wearing your maternity clothes. After giving birth, your figure is a lot more similar to the one you had during pregnancy than the one before you were pregnant. Moreover, wearing clothes that are a bit looser will cover your saggy tummy. However, tight high-waisted jeans will provide a great look and hide the tummy a bit.

Boho trend


Even if you were never into it, now’s the time to start. The whole Bohemian style really flatters your current figure. Wide womens tops and tunics will cover your problematic areas in a discrete way. If you follow through with the whole trend, nobody will even know that you’re hiding something. Plus, this low-maintenance style can really suit you in many ways. For instance, messy buns fit perfectly and they require no effort.

Granny panties

As unappealing as this term may sound, once you try them on, you’ll see that granny panties are the best thing ever. As a new mom, you’ll need all the comfort you can get and this underwear will surely grant it to you. Moreover, granny panties do not only feel amazing but also look great. You can get them in various shapes and colors and just because they have some extra fabric doesn’t mean they look bad. Not everyone should wear a thong and certainly not at all times. So, get yourself a few pairs and see how good you’ll feel.

Black pants


Black stretchy pants generally are a girl’s best friend. They will be yours, too, especially now. Black pants are easy to combine, they cover imperfections, make us look slimmer and they are black, which implies that any incident that happens in the pants-area won’t be visible to others and you’ll have enough time to take action. This happens to many new moms for about six weeks after labor. Your body is going through the process of recovery and some unexpected bleeding may happen during this time.

Comfy shoes

Since, during pregnancy and the first months of your baby’s life, your feet can even grow a size, investing in shoes currently isn’t the best idea. So, just buy yourself a single pair of comfy shoes. It’s best if they’re flat and classic which will enable you to combine them more easily with your clothing choices.


If you’re nursing, you need to think about the practical aspect of what you wear and how easy it is to cope with your clothes when it’s nursing time. However, since lactating will occur at the most unexpected moments, using nursing pads is strongly advisable. Although they do the trick, they often look lumpy or uneven and you feel uncomfortable. That’s why you should try to implement scarves in your everyday outfits. They look nice and hide the critical area.

As you can see, being a new mom doesn’t imply that you need to look like a mess. You can wisely hide your imperfections with some sneaky tricks like the ones we already mentioned. Even though looks aren’t that important, looking good will affect your confidence and therefore, put you in a good mood and make you happy.

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