For most families, the nursery the heart of the home when new baby arrives. It is a space where parents gather to spend time with their precious one. It can be crowded sometimes so, if you want a place that is a bit calmer and a bit less crazy, here is how to achieve it.

Tone down the electronics

It is perfectly fine to have a TV in your nursery, or even a surround sound system to play peaceful music – as long as you know how to control them. Firstly, try and build healthy habits and set an example for the people you live with. Make sure that the TV is off unless you are watching it while your baby is sleeping. Having the constant background noise from the television is anything but peaceful and it will distract you from spending time with your baby. The second thing is having a volume limit. Whether it’s the TV, the music or the general kerfuffle, nobody enjoys a space that it is too loud. So, set a volume limit and along with that, we today have the luxury of using headphones, which is good for two reasons. For example, a person who wants to enjoy some loud music can do it without distracting others if they are wearing headphones, and if the entire area is too loud, a person can put on noise-cancelling headphones to block out the noise and keep the inner peace.

Include all of your senses

Being at peace means that all of your senses should be at peace. Everything around you should add to your mindfulness, and these are some ways to achieve that.

Sight: There are two things you should avoid when creating a calm space to look at: harsh colors and clutter. If the space around you is cluttered and full of junk, then you will be feeling cluttered inside and not peaceful at all. As for the colors, looking at a soothing color palette full of light shades, pastels, natural wood and sheer materials will instantly make you feel at peace. This will create a calm surrounding for the baby.

Smell: Try lighting some incense sticks and candles, or putting a few drops of essential oil behind the cushions. You can also use fresh flowers or herb bags as a natural and lovely source of a pleasant smell. Try not to over do it and keep in mind that baby smell is the best smell in the world.

Hearing: We already covered how you should reduce noise levels, but having some peaceful music on or opening the window if you live in a peaceful neighborhood can only do you good. You can also place an instrument in the room and learn to play it for your child, or simply put some wind chimes by the window.

Touch: The most calming things to touch are soft and fluffy materials, but as a rule of thumb, you should try to use as many natural materials as you can to reconnect with nature.

Taste: Try to avoid unhealthy, processed snacks and instead, place a fruit bowl or a tea set in the living room so anyone can help themselves.


You should always have the right feng shui elements in your house. This simply means that everything should be harmonious and balanced, working with the other things around it. A great way to achieve this is by creating a central point in the living room and a circular pattern around it, and then just follow it up with the rest of the furniture. Small coffee tables, interesting round rugs, new doors or even a circular open space can help create a balancing center. After you’ve introduced that element, try to evenly arrange the rest of the room, without cluttering one corner of it too much. Make sure the room is still functional and that you are not sacrificing any of your needs for the sake of décor.


Every nursery is different as well as every person’s definition of “peaceful”. Remember that no matter what your décor is, peace comes from within, so you should always start from there.

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