For parents, celebrating their children’s birthdays is always a big deal, but the first birthday, that one is pretty special. And while most parents really want to celebrate their child’s first birthday in a big way, remember not to go overboard because the reality is, your child really won’t remember the party and it’s pretty possible they don’t even know what’s going on, so the first birthday party is really more for friends and family. If you’re planning a party for your baby’s birthday, here are some tips on what you should do and what you shouldn’t.

Do keep it short and think about timing

Nobody wants a cranky baby, especially not at a party, so you really have to take into consideration your child’s nap time and plan the party accordingly. The best time would be to have the party right after your baby’s nap because that’s when she’ll be the most rested. Also, have in mind that your baby might get fussy during a busy party and you don’t want them to become nervous, so keep the party short. At this age, the party really shouldn’t last more than an hour and a half, not only because of your baby, but because of the other tiny guests you’ve invited to the party.

Don’t overload yourself

It’s your kid’s first birthday party, not their wedding so you really shouldn’t make a huge party and get stuck with even more work for you. Instead of making all of the food by yourself, order some catering and just make the cake, or buy the cake at a bakery and grill some burgers for the guests. Learn to delegate and be with your baby during the party because the memories will stay with you forever.

Do plan age-appropriate activities

If the party will include toddlers and preschoolers you also have to think about fun activities they can do during the party so you might consider having the party somewhere where they specialize in birthday parties. For example, you can have the party at a fun trampoline park where they have enclosed trampoline areas or foam pits. These places usually even have special programs for toddlers and babies so you’ll know that everyone’s having fun.

Don’t invite too many people

1st birthday
While you probably want to invite everyone you know to celebrate your little one’s birthday, you really shouldn’t invite too many people. Not only will more guests mean more work for you but it might get a bit too overwhelming for your baby with that many people around her. Keep the party small but invite both kids and adults.

Do invite your adult friends

Let’s face it, it’s not like your baby has a ton of friends that you’ll have to invite to the party. While you should have some kids at the party, also invite your friends. This party is also for you so why not invite the people you enjoy and have fun with them while celebrating your baby.

Don’t reject any help

When it comes to parties, everyone needs a helping hand so ask your family and friends to help you out a bit. Ask someone to help with the food and someone else to take pictures while you’re moving around and greeting the guests.

Do have fun

While there’ll be plenty of special moments in your kid’s life, the first birthday really is a huge milestone so make sure you enjoy yourself while you’re celebrating. This party will probably be the only one where you’ll get to decide on the theme so do whatever you want to do.

Enjoy this moment and enjoy this little person you’ve made because these are really precious memories that you’ll always look back to.

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