Being a parent involves a whole slew of wonderful challenges, not the least tricky one of which can be selecting the perfect present for every occasion for your little ones. However, the stakes are even higher for the youngsters of your cousins. Why? Well, the role of an aunt, uncle, or any other relative for that matter is famous for involving plenty of fun time for the kids – and you don’t want to mess up your hard-earned reputation by delivering a poor present for their birthday.

That said, gift-giving is a wonderful way not just to strengthen your bond with the youngsters, but also to be a role model, to inspire them, and to make a meaningful impact on their life. Here are a few ways you can retain your “uncle of the year” title and still give presents that both the parents and the kids will love!

Get practical

If your cousin’s little ones are still rather young and cannot fully appreciate your imagination when it comes to gifts (so you’ll leave those practical jokes for another birthday in the future), then something the parents will like should be your aim. Opting for clothes such as a sleepsuit for the youngest will be not only appreciated by the parents, but they’ll be a treat for the kids, too!

Comfy garments are a great choice to show your affection and help the parents build up the much-needed wardrobe for their growing bundle of joy.

Consider arts and crafts

On a lighter note, if the kids are old enough to truly make use of a present, then you can appeal to their personal preferences. Are they artsy and like making things? Find a creative set that will inspire them to be active for hours on end, whether it’s building houses with Legos or making jewelry for the entire family – yourself included!

Sometimes all it takes is a brush and some funky paints to explore their imagination, and you’ll instantly encourage them to spend less time staring at screens and more time developing their creativity.

Plan ahead

Not all gifts are meant to impress kids that are particularly young, and in fact, you can use this opportunity to think about their future and make a difference. For example, considering that the gold price has been rising, you can purchase gold coins or even a bar that will serve to contribute to their savings for their education. The parents will love this kind, generous gesture, and it will make a meaningful present that will last for years on end.

You can always make it more personal by adding a card to express how you wish for the investment to be used, and how you’ll strive to provide support in every shape and form so that they can find their path in life.

Inspire the movie fans

Does this particular kiddo like to go to the movies on a regular basis and never misses the premiere of the latest animated movies? By all means, find their favorite movie theatre and look for the best possible gift card option that will provide them with a solid amount of credit so that they can head to the movies on a regular basis for a whole year.

Some cinemas allow you to personalize the card to an extent, so that your little rascal will feel even more special every time they head to see yet another animated movie. Top it all off with access to their favorite snacks, and they’ll love you to bits.

A fluffy pal

Not without their parents’ permission, of course! This is yet another gift that keeps on giving, but it comes with a batch of quite serious responsibilities, especially if you’d adopt a pooch or a kitten for your little cousins. However, if they love animals, you can chat with the parents and find the best fit. Kids benefit a lot from growing up with animals by their side, whether it’s a bunny, a hamster or a parrot.

Depending on their available space and preferences (as well as potential allergies!), you can head to a shelter together with your little cousin and let them pick a furry friend together with you and their parents. That will be a gift to remember!

Focus on experience

Finally, some kids are in love with action, and you can design an experience that will help them bond with you, develop their interests and still feel as if they have received a perfect gift, even if it’s not in physical, material form. A weekend away to teach them fishing, surfing, or horseback riding, you name it, will be a perfect chance for you to get to know each other more.

Other options include shorter outings such as picnics and theme park evenings, or you can take them to a paintball session with their friends and wrap up with their favorite ice cream!


Some kids may be picky, others might be difficult to figure out, but all in all, when you put your heart into choosing a present, they’ll know and appreciate it. Take your time to think of the right gift for your cousin’s little ones and you’ll quickly become their favorite aunt or uncle!

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