Building your kid’s character is something that’s done from the earliest of age and bonding with your little one is something you should invest your time, patience and love into. It’s exactly through their relationship with you and through observing your behavior that they form their personality, meaning that it’s of utmost importance that you are a good role-model for them. So, in order to bond with your child, you should be creative and do your best to come up with activities they will enjoy. Take a look at these great ideas for you.

Create a good bedtime routine

This can actually help you in more ways than one. Children often try to avoid going to bed when you want them to, but most of them will enjoy a well-designed routine which ends with them in their beds, without any resistance. For example, most kids love baths, so start your bedtime routine with that. Of course, the point of the bath is to get your child clean after a day of running around and playing, but also to calm them down and spend some quality time with them. So, while you give them a bath, talk to them and perhaps even play with them a little while they’re in the tub.

After the bath, dry them, change them into their pajamas, put them in bed and tuck them in. Finish the routine with a nice bedtime story or a lullaby, then give them a kiss and a hug. This kind of routine will make it easier to get your kid to bed in the evening, but it will also make them happy to know you’ve dedicated your full attention to them, and they’ll look forward to the same thing tomorrow and every other night. 

Play with your child

Even from the earliest of age, while they’re still trying to figure out how to grip some toy or how to sit without flipping over and falling, always find time to participate in their games. Just knowing that you’re there will create a sense of security in them and build up their trust in you. If you want to make the best of your playtime, you can also consider a stimulating playgroup, where you can bond with your little one while allowing them to develop their motor, social and cognitive skills.

As your kid grows and starts walking and talking, you can solve puzzles together, play cards or hide-and-seek around the house. Furthermore, you can take it all outside and do anything from playing football and dodgeball to throwing a frisbee or having a scavenger hunt in your back yard. This way you’ll create valuable memories and your kid will be relaxed around you, which will mean a lot once they’re teenagers and you want them to be honest about what’s going on in their world.

Talk to your kid

Taking time to talk to your little one, even while they’re still too young to reply, is an excellent and very healthy way to bond with your child. As they develop speech and start talking back to you, listen very carefully to what they’re saying to you, without interrupting them. Children who are allowed to speak without being cut off mid-sentence grow up into more eloquent people with good self-confidence and excellent social skills. By listening closely to them, you’re actually letting them know that what they’re saying matters, that you value their opinion and that you’re interested in what’s important to them.

Kids who have regular conversations with their parents often achieve better academic success than those who don’t, mostly because they aren’t afraid to participate in discussions or ask questions, but also because they feel free to share any ideas they might have. Also, if you listen to them as if they’re saying the most significant thing in the world when they’re three or four years old, they’ll be more likely to talk to you about their problems and concerns once they’re older. Finally, when children are used to being listened to, there’s a good chance they’ll become good listeners themselves, which is a skill that could help them succeed at school or in business one day.

Through good communication with your child, you’ll be able to instill good values in them and let them know that you love and support them no matter what. So, make your time together count and bond with them whenever and however you can.

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