Even though we don’t notice that at first sight, our home can be full of some serious hazards for our kids and we should be responsible enough to deal with them immediately. In order to help you recognize all the potential risks, we’ve singled out a list of suggestions on how to safeguard your home and prevent all the possible accidents. Feel free to take a look and turn your home into a real safe haven for your entire family.

Secure your windows

Windows can be extremely dangerous for small children who are curious and want to explore every corner of the room. So, instead of constantly worrying whether they’ll come too close to fall out, you should install window guards immediately. On top of that, it’s highly recommendable to also invest in a window-stopping device which serves to prevent the windows from opening more than 4 inches. Finally, in addition to securing them, you should take the time to discuss this and any other hazards with your children so that they can learn how to be responsible and more mature.

Keep your carpets clean

Small children spend a lot of time crawling around the house and playing on the carpet. Therefore, it’s essential that you do your best to keep the floors and rugs sparkling clean at all times. First of all, you can buy a welcome mat which will serve you and your guests to wipe their feet and thus minimize the number of harmful toxins and pesticides that will get in the house. Furthermore, regular vacuuming is the key to fighting the allergens that can pose a great threat to your child’s health, especially their respiratory system. Finally, hiring professional carpet cleaners is the right way to go since they know best which chemicals are the least harmful to use.

Check your electrical wiring regularly

Electricity can be dangerous if not handled properly. So, it’s of the utmost importance to keep your electrical wiring regularly checked by an experienced emergency electrician who will be available 24/7 in case an accident happens. However, apart from contacting a professional, you need to take some other precautions as well. For instance, you should never overload your electrical sockets or extension bars, especially those which can be reached by your kids. Moreover, try to keep as many electrical cords as possible hidden from them. Of course, since it’s not realistic to expect that you can tuck them all away, you should have a serious conversation with your child about potential dangers of playing with or trying to chew them. The same goes for electrical appliances that your kids should never use without your or another adult’s assistance.

Keep detergent and similar products out of their reach

Children are naturally drawn to colourful packages which resemble candies like in the case of detergents and numerous toxic cleaning products. It has been estimated that more than 700 children are exposed to some of these chemicals every month in the USA. This is a worrisome number and we should do our best to reduce the frequency of such incidents. You can start by moving all these products and placing them somewhere out of your children’s reach. Furthermore, you can invest in a special storage compartment that you can lock and thus be completely sure that your child won’t be able to get to them as soon as you turn your back.

Inspect your painted walls

If your home was built before 1978, it may happen that it contains lead paint which can be extremely harmful and even poison your child. Once it starts to deteriorate, lead dust is released into the air and becomes a huge threat to your entire family, but particularly to the youngest members. Luckily, you can contact professionals and have a lead inspection conducted immediately. This way, you’ll know what the situation is and what your next steps should be.

As you can see, keeping your kids safe doesn’t have to be that hard and scary after all. You just need to be well informed on all potential issues and deal with them promptly. Lastly, remember to talk to your children about everything and thus nurture your mutual trust and understanding while at the same time teach them to take care of themselves.

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