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Are you aware of what is happening to her right now? She has ANOTHER HUMAN BODY inside of her own human body! How cool is that? And of course, she deserves to feel special 24/7. But let’s face it (and don’t tell her I said this, PLEASE) – pregnant women are sometimes so hard to satisfy. One moment she wants a watermelon, while two minutes later she would rather have a full bowl of French fries. But don’t blame her – it’s the hormones that are making the easiest parts of your life hard.

Jokes aside, first of all, it is a great start just to look for articles such as this one and read them. Now, it is time for step two: using the tips in real life.

I don’t know who are you, and where you come from – but these tips will work. Guaranteed. So without further ado, here are some special things you can do for your special pregnant lady.   

1. Cook the meal and clean everything up afterwards

She probably has a lot of food cravings, so take one day to prepare all her favorite meals from beginning to end, mister! This includes buying food, cooking, finding things and tools by yourself and cleaning up afterwards. Play her favorite music, light up some candles and serve it to her. You will not just make her day, you will make her whole month.

2. Give her a morning off

Being pregnant is really exhausting, both physically and mentally. Give your momma-to-be a morning off and you take care of all the chores and everything else in the house that needs to be taken care of. She will catch some rest and be relaxed during the whole day, which is exactly what she needs.

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3. Give her what she’s craving

No matter how ridiculous it may sound! No matter if she needs those chocolate pop tarts covered with ice cream, listen to her requests. It is not like she wants you to climb Mount Everest. All it takes to make her happy in that moment is one short visit to the local supermarket – don’t be lazy about it.

4. Go shopping

Shopping is the ultimate gift that can make any woman feel better. And a shopping day with your lady at least once a month is a must. Determine your budget, put money on your handy prepaid Visa card, just to make sure you don’t overspend, and conquer those malls. And no, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars every time, even small things such as a nice perfume or a pretty dress will make her feel better, 100 percent.

5. Go to the doctor with her

This is your child as well, not just hers. And doctor visits are always boring and stressful. This is something you have to do whenever you can. This way, you are not just showing interest in your baby, but in her as well. It can also be useful because you can ask the doctor how to deal with her discomfort or any other difficulty, and finally, the moment you see your little one on the sonogram is something you will never forget.

6. Give her a massage

She is swollen, she is tired, she is nervous. Additional weight in her belly also causes tired feet and backache. Of course, she needs a good massage. Give her a nice rub with some exotic essential oils to completely relax her. If you are not talented, luckily, you can hire someone to do it, but still try because she will appreciate your effort. You can even schedule a spa day for her in your local spa venue. Trust me, she will appreciate it, and enjoy it.

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7. Always keep telling her she is beautiful

She gained a lot of weight in a short period of time – which is completely normal due to her cravings and the fact she is carrying another human being inside of her. However, regardless of the fact that this is perfectly normal, it can affect her confidence. Especially if her hormones are going wild. This is where you come in. It is your job to always remind her how beautiful she is, how sexy she is and how much you love her. Flirt with her in public and get her a pair of sexy undies on your way home from work. Only you can help in this situation, because you are the man she has chosen to go through this with.

You see? It seems that it is not that hard to make her happy after all, right?

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