Every child who has been lucky enough to spend some time with their grandparents has benefited greatly from the time spent together. The position of grandparents, as one of the closest members of the family, but who are usually not responsible for all those tedious chores, such as driving to and from the kindergarten or school and preparing meals on a daily basis, allows them to focus on creating unique bonds and some memorable time.

Naturally, it’s not just kids who benefit from this relationship. Grandparents who spend time with young children are usually in a much better shape, mentally and physically, than those who simply spend times in their homes, socialising only with people their age. So, let’s look at all the wonderful benefits, focusing on children. What can they get out of such relationship?

Family History

Children can learn about many things from different people, but who better to tell them about their family history than grandparents? With so many of them having lived through some exciting times, such as wars, they can be a great source of interesting stories for their grandchildren. Knowing your family history can help you better understand yourself and the world around you.

Unfortunately, some grandparents can no longer remember all important events from the past, but with children asking them questions, they might just recall something they think they’ve forgotten.


This quality, which is becoming rarer and rarer, is something that can be instilled by grandparents. Very often, teenagers tend to be rude to older people, either because their bringing up was wrong or because of hormonal changes. However, if they have a good relationship with their own grandparents, they’ll be much more likely to show respect to other senior citizens.


Older people have their routines and are usually more disciplined than younger adults. Consequently, they could be a much better role-models for grandchildren, who often don’t listen to their parents as much as they obey their grandparents.

Safety net

Since grandparents are some of the first family members children meet and spend time with, most activities they do together, such as watching a movie, going to a local park or cooking, help create the feeling of safety and security in children, who desperately need that while growing up. Also, the bond created by spending time together is an excellent example of true family love.

Understanding and support

Every quality grandparent-grandchild relationship is based on mutual respect and understanding. Grandparents can provide all types of encouragement if their grandchildren are facing some problems. This kind of support and understanding may come in different forms, and even if the grandparents have some health problems and require regular in-home care services, they can still find some activities that would show their grandchildren what true love is all about.

Various skills

Many grandparents are familiar with skills that are not taught at school or which parents can’t pass on to their children. For example, preparing some traditional dishes, planting flowers and vegetables or making toys using only the stuff you find at home are something that our grandparents are quite good at and that kind of resourcefulness and skills is slowly dying out.

Forgetting about technology

The more time children spend interacting with other people, the less time they’ll spend absorbed in their tablets, phones or computers. Not only that, but their communication and interpersonal skills will be significantly improved, which will be a great asset in their future life.

The opportunity to allow your children to spend time with their grandparents shouldn’t be missed for all the reasons mentioned here and many others. This mutually beneficial relationship can really have a deep and profound impact and its uniqueness is something that makes is even more special for everyone involved.

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