Children spend a great amount of time in their rooms, which is why it should be a clean place where they can develop their imagination, while they’re learning as well. Providing your child with various types of toys, learning-friendly furniture, and interesting room decor will help them learn through play, and make their childhood more exciting. Therefore, use a couple of tricks to turn your kid’s room into a real educational nook they’ll enjoy.

Use bright hues

Colours affect our mood, concentration and sometimes our emotions, so it’s essential that your kid’s room is decorated with bright lively shades. Think outside the box, leave behind the idea of pink or blue hues, and go for something more appealing like bright green, yellow or orange. Both walls and furniture are welcome in as light a shade as possible, so feel free to mix the hues and create a sparkling and exciting atmosphere for your kid. If possible, introduce as much natural light as possible, to make the colours even more vivid. Every kid would enjoy spending time and learning in a bright, colourful room.

Get learning-friendly accents and furniture

When you want your kid to use every opportunity to learn something new, it’s a good idea to invest in learning-friendly furniture. With a chalkboard wall, your children can use their artistic skills in their room, instead of ruining the living room wall wanting to show you their craft. Alphabet magnets for lockers and draw-on bed covers are perfect for sparking children’s creativity and giving them an opportunity to express themselves whenever they want. Invest in quality round rugs to fashion a comfortable little reading nook for your kid. Add a cosy armchair and a bright illumination to help them enjoy their reading time.

Make room for playing

While you probably want to give your child all the toys of the world, it would be a better idea to invest in a smart selection of toys rather than splurging on a bunch. Offering them various toys that can also serve as a learning tool is the best option. Don’t give them just cars and dolls – keep it more interesting and get them wooden blocks, and Legos. What’s more, with various household items like boxes, ropes and paper plates, they could develop their creativity and craft various games and new items themselves.

Don’t overcrowd the space

Kids’ rooms can easily turn into a cluttered mess, as all the books, toys and various equipment is stored precisely in their room. Therefore, it’s essential that all of those items have their special storage place in the room. What’s more, teach your kid to always put books back on the shelf or in a drawer, and cars back into the crate once they’re finished playing with them and not to leave them on the rug. Furthermore, to avoid any injuries and hazards, don’t keep any glass or ceramic objects in the kid’s room, but keep it safe and childproof.

Interest them in reading

Creating a reading habit is essential for a child’s development, since we get to learn new information exactly from reading. Therefore, create a reading nook for your little one, by having a lazy bag, or a small armchair of their choice, a lamp and a bookshelf in a special corner of the room. Consider having a desk with a stool as well, in case their reading habit evolves into a writing one, and they grow to love writing their own stories. The world of fiction is extraordinary, and the sooner they fall in love with it, the better they’ll study and more creative they’ll become.

Fashioning a room in which your child can rest, learn, and play at the same time is essential for their healthy development. Since children spend most of the time in their room, it’s vital that they can use that time wisely, develop their creativity and learn plenty. Therefore, equip their room with various learning-friendly furniture, make it comfortable with bright hues, and make sure they can play and learn at the same time.

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