Maternity Clothes Shopping

Maternity Clothes Shopping 

I had a feeling that I was pregnant, so I decided to take the pregnancy test. After I peed on the Clear blue digital pregnancy test, my husband and I anxiously waited for a minute for the results. Positive – 1-2 weeks! We were so excited that we are having a baby. A couple weeks later I started to feel my clothes were getting tighter, I couldn’t squeeze into my jeans any more. This was a call for Maternity Clothes Shopping!  I didn’t want to go to crazy like I normally do when buying clothes and homeware, as I knew I would only be wearing them for a few months.

Dressing My Bump

Luckily I have older sisters, who have been fantastic by giving me their mum advice and where to shop. Being a first time mum to be I also wanted to my own research too and find out where I can buy good maternity clothes at a reasonable price. From my maternity clothes research and my sisters advice, I finally found what I was looking for, stylish, fun and affordable clothes that I would fill comfortable in.

So it began, I made my maternity clothes list to dress my bump…

Basic Maternity Clothes 

Topshop Maternity Dresses

  • Topshop maternity dresses – I am really impressed with Topshop’s maternity dresses. I have bought 4 dresses already, two jersey dresses which fit really well around my bump and two occasion dresses.  What I like is the quality which is what I always look for when buying clothes. I managed to grab my bargain dresses in their summer sale! topshop-maternity

JoJo Maman Bebe Maternity Clothes Shopping

  • I came across JoJo Maman and had a browse through their website. They have a wide range of maternity clothes, I am quite keen on their Maternity Jumpers and Knits. As winter is coming up it will be a good idea to buy a few knits from them. I have my eye on Breton Stripe Maternity Jumper  Maternity Roll Neck Jumper They currently have an offer – Save £10 when you buy 2 Roll Neck Jumpers

Bravissimo – Maternity Bras

  • I usually buy my bras from Bravissimo purely because of the high quality and they have lasted me for a few years. At 15 weeks pregnant I needed to buy some more as I got bigger. I always have a great experience there as the fitters are extremely helpful and spend quite some time with me until I are happy with the bras. I wanted to know when to buy nursing bras and she advised me not until the last month and then buy 2 or 3 as you will get bigger.

Breast Feeding and Maternity Dress

  • Bonita Mamma Boutique – Whilst I was at a baby show I meet a lovely couple who were selling breast feeding dresses for all occasions.  I thought this was a great way to feed your baby as well as looking glamorous. They demonstrated how easy it was to remove the shoulder strap and feed your baby. My initial thoughts were, the dresses are very long, how are they going to fit me. They assured me they do made to measure dresses and I can select any colour from their colour charts. Maternity Clothes Shopping

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