Pregnancy Yoga Classes, Wanstead

Pregnancy Yoga Classes, Wanstead

I  came home after a scrumptious lunch at the River cafe, an Italian restaurant in London Hammersmith, I was quite anxious to take the pregnancy test. Waited for a minute and there is was, 1-2 weeks pregnant! My husband and I were thrilled of becoming parents. First things first I wanted to join a pregnancy yoga class and start to change my diet drinking plenty of water and increasing my nutrition intake.

Yoga for all Levels

Like always whenever I need to find anything I turn to Google. I typed in Pregnancy Yoga Classes, Wanstead and Tree of Yoga was listed on the first page. The name Tree of Yoga, stood out to me so clicked on it to find more information. The website looked great and the classes were literally down the road to me. I gave Maxine Cohen a call to let her know about my pregnancy and to discuss what classes were best for me. As I was only 4 weeks pregnant she advised me to come to her Yoga for all levels classes where I would sit next to her and she would look after me making sure I wouldn’t overdo certain yoga poses. Maxine played a huge part in my first trimester by encouraging me to build my confidence and made me feel less stress about my pregnancy, we really bonded. After 11 weeks of pregnancy she then moved me over to her Pregnancy Yoga Classes.

Pregnancy Yoga Classes by Maxine Cohen

There are two pregnancy yoga classes every week. Tuesday classes are held in Wanstead United Reformed Church and the Saturday class is held in Woodford Green. My first class made me feel more comfortable as there were other pregnant ladies and I could share tips and experiences. Before the class we would randomly pick up our affirmations and rub scented oil on our inner wrists or temples. Maxine always goes round the class making weekly notes on how we feel and how many weeks pregnant we are. I have trouble sleeping at night so she advised me to light a candle an observe it until I would fall asleep. I tried it and it worked! . After talking about our week we would then go into relaxations by lying on our backs, eyes closed and reflect on our week and affirmation. After 5 minutes we would roll on to our left side and start our practise. My favourite pose is the warrior, I think I have nearly perfected it! I am 21 weeks pregnant and enjoying my pregnancy journey 🙂

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Pregnancy Yoga Classes, Wanstead


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