The due date is approaching and it seems as though the time has gone by so fast. Are you ready to welcome the little one, have you prepared enough? Just stop worrying and start breathing! Everything is going to be ok! You got this! Every mom to be goes through a whirlwind of emotions during pregnancy and after giving birth. So, in order to help you calm your nerves and get your emotions in order we have prepared a few things you can do while you await your baby’s arrival.

Prepare the space

Start getting the nursery ready, if you haven’t already. Choose the paints, get the furniture in, and make sure you have all the necessary gear. You can find quality baby cots in Sydney, you just need to complement them with some fun bed linen. Finally, just add some toys to make the whole thing come together. In addition, make sure you get a rocking chair – this is a gift from you to your future mom self. If you spend time sitting in the nursery, rocking and just relaxing, it will help you prepare mentally for what’s to come and it also helps make the whole situation more real which speeds up the adjustment process. The more time you spend in there, the calmer you’ll feel. Nursery is the one room in the house that is meant to bring peace and joy.

Start planning

Now that the nursery is ready, you can start making plans for the first year of your baby’s life. This is a great way to reclaim that feeling of being in control. See vacation options, manage your work schedule and most importantly set aside time for the family visits. One of the most important thing you need to do is organize your finances. Calculate in the expected expenses and set some money aside for the unexpected ones. You will be at home and it is imperative that you make proper arrangements with your employer. Most importantly, include your partner in the planning process so that they can take the rains later on, and you can just relax and focus on your child’s needs.

Focus on yourself

While expecting you are bound to get a lot of unsolicited advice and opinions on what you are doing right or wrong and how you are supposed to behave. First of all, shut them out immediately. Listen to your body and what it needs, your emotions are already a bit strained, no need to add additional stress. Spend some time in the nature, meditate, just you and your bump. This will help you get your emotions in order and be better prepared for what’s to come. Don’t forget that you are going to need both physical and emotional reserves to cope with everything during and immediately after the birth, so don’t waste your energy on unimportant things.

Start a journal

If you don’t already have one, starting a journal during pregnancy is a great way to follow all the changes happening to you. You can write down the whole journey, the transition from being pregnant into becoming a mom. This is a great way of expressing yourself and it will also serve as a wonderful keepsake, one you can revisit in years to come. And don’t forget, it also helps you develop habitual behavior, which is great for moms to be. Make sure you keep the entries going, even when you get neck deep in diapers.

There you are, a few useful tips to help you prepare both mentally and emotionally for a newborn. In reality, no matter what we do we are never prepared for the feeling of being overwhelmed when holding our child in our hands for the first time. That intense love, and desire to protect our baby will consume us whole. So get ready, make reserves of both physical and mental energy and just enjoy the ride. It is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to you.

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