Welcome to our Junior Joy Video Product Video Page. As first time mums’ it can be daunting with so many baby products on the market. At Junior Joy we sell the basic essentials to get you started with your baby.

We are going to talk to you about our products and demonstrate how you to use them and the benefits.

Junior Joy Baby Muslin Square Nappies

A lot of mums’ don’t know what Baby Muslins Nappy Squares are used for, I am going to tell you a little bit about them and how useful they are…

In the video or on the top left hand corner you can see the size of our muslin clothes. I do love cotton as they are nice and soft against your baby’s skin. Remember to wash your muslins before using them. You are going to go through them a lot so I recommend you buy at least 12-24 muslins.

What are they used for?

You will need to burp your baby, simply drape the cloth over your shoulder then burp your baby. This will prevent your clothes from getting sick and dribbled on. You can also use them as Nappies and Bibs.

Whilst breast feeding your baby you can use them to cover yourself for privacy. During bath time you can gently clean your baby’s skin with a muslin by wetting them and then use another one to dry them with. Baby’s like muslins as a comforter, so leave them in your pram, mosses basket and cot so they can feel them.

Our Baby Muslin Squares are breathable, lightweight fabric that allows your baby’s to maintain a comfortable temperature.

If you would like to purchase our Baby Muslin Squares simply add them to your baskets. They come in a pack of 6 in white and 12 in white, cream, blue and pink.