Raising Children Who Love to Learn

The future of the world rests on the potential talent in our children. Think about that for a moment, there could be a hidden astrophysicist, molecular biologist, or the next Nikola Tesla living inside your little bundle of joy, waiting to be noticed, nurtured, and encouraged to come into the light and give their invaluable contribution that will change the world.

Your children are the future, and no matter how small or big their contribution may be, it will help serve and reach a common goal – making the world a better place for their children the same way you gave it your best to create a future for your own.

In order for your children to discover their hidden talent, their innate uniqueness, and passionate flair for what will be the defining point of their lives that will influence their future and the future of others, they must first develop the willingness, neigh, the passion for knowledge.

Knowledge is power, it gives your children the ability to see beyond the walls of conformism and ignorance, and gaze into the unfolding landscape of endless possibilities. As a parent, your role in the development of your child is unparalleled – it’s your duty to inspire their thirst for knowledge and lead them down the path of self-actualization.

Here is how you can raise your children to love knowledge.

“There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children.

One of these is roots, the other, wings.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Plant their roots

You cannot change the school system, and no matter if you love it or not, support its methods or defy them, your best chance of raising a child unburdened with seemingly tedious information is to inspire them to rise above it, to master it and see the endless potential within them. As a parent, you have to give your child the incentive to utilize the information they receive at school and repurpose it towards reaching a goal.

In order to give them the drive they need, you have to pass on the values and passions you yourself believe in, which will in turn inspire their willingness to learn and conquer greater heights.

Water them with knowledge

Learning can be fun, and no, that’s not just a phrase grown-ups use to romanticise their own past, rather the notion is the embodiment of using prudent and creative methods to inspire your child to want to learn. There are numerous ways you can entice your children to learn faster, smarter, perform better, and utilize their knowledge to shape their reality and future.

Given the fact that as a parent you have numerous responsibilities, you cannot spend all of your time devising new, fun and creative ways to make learning fun for your kids. Therefore, one of the best and most effective solutions is to find a professional and creative tuition centre, where they can learn how to learn with fun and ease surrounded by caring and nurturing tutors who will spark their desire, evoke their creativity and build their confidence.

Nurture them with kindness

Raising your voice leads to self-doubt. Being condescending leads to feelings of inadequacy. Raising your hand raises emotionally distant and self-destructive children. Being too indulgent and liberal creates a sense of false entitlement, while being too strict will raise cocooned personalities, unable to reach their true potential.

This is to tell you that you need to find a balance, and always calmly try to work towards a prudent solution that will benefit your child, and not necessarily fit your preconceived notions. Children spend a big portion of their day in a cruel environment, where they are “forced” to learn, forced to fit in and forced to change – it’s your duty to inspire and nurture their uniqueness through kindness and compassion.

Give them room to grow

While your presence, guidance and oversight should play pivotal roles in their upbringing, you have to know when to give your child a chance to experience reality, fall down, get back up, and try again. Perseverance and bravery is taught, it is not inherent.

Your children will develop aptitude for learning and eliminate their fear of failure if you let them fail, support them while they are down, let them regroup, and find a way to try again. You will experience unparalleled joy once you notice the spark of defiance and perseverance in your child’s eyes, knowing that nothing will stand in their way.

So stand back, observe, support, and give them the room they need to build their passion for knowledge.

Children are the only treasure in life worth keeping, growing, and finally, relinquishing. Follow these essential philosophies and you will be able to spark interest, evoke emotion, and inspire their passion for learning that will bring the little poet, scientist, explorer, and altruist in your child, to life.

“Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry,

 the philosophy which does not laugh,

and the greatness which does not bow before children.” – Kahlil Gibran

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