A move is never easy even when you have only yourself to worry about, let alone your kids as well. However, it doesn’t have to be too scary and stressful either, as long as you do your best to plan everything thoroughly, create a checklist and stick to it. In general, the key to a smooth move is proper organization that should start at least a couple of months before the moving day. If you and your family are facing a great move as well, the following tips can be very helpful.

Smooth Move: Make Moving Easier for You and Your Kids

Start with a plan

As mentioned, you need to start preparing for the move well ahead the actual moving date. In order for this to go smoothly, you will have to rely on a checklist as well as some organizational skills on your part. It’s important to know when exactly your moving date is so that you can schedule your obligations accordingly. In general, it would be wise to make a checklist of all the things you want to bring to your new home and divide it in categories, making sure that you catalogue your kids’ stuff under a separate category as well. Once you’re done with that, you should start packing little by little. First pack the things that you need but still don’t have to use on a daily basis.

Smooth Move: Make Moving Easier for You and Your Kids

Notify relevant services about the move

Moving doesn’t only mean that you’ll live in a different place, but that you’ll probably going to have to change various services that you use. For starters, you should notify the legal services about your change of address, as well as check the procedures necessary for the new bank, cable, etc. What’s more, you should notify the school about the change of address for your kids. In case you’re moving far enough that your kids have to change schools, you should make sure that everything is in perfect order. Also, if this is the case, it’s important to have a proper talk with your kids about this kind of a change.

Smooth Move: Make Moving Easier for You and Your Kids

Make sure you have proper help

There’s no doubt that moving is far from easy. However, when it is well-organized, and you have all the necessary help, it can might as well be smooth sailing. Therefore, if you feel like you need a helping hand, don’t hesitate to ask for one. If your children are old enough, they should be included in the moving process. Not only will they help you, but will also have a better understanding of where their stuff is when unpacking. Also, you may want to call a friend or a family member to help you, too. What’s more, it’s important to consider your moving transport. According to the Australia Bureau of Statistics, 339,000 people from all over Australia moved interstate in 2014-5. This is huge, but precisely because of these numbers there are readily available and relatively affordable moving companies such as this reputable furniture removalist from Melbourne that can make sure your whole family household is transported safely and efficiently. Remember to hire the moving company at least a month before the moving day, and call to confirm two weeks before.

Smooth Move: Make Moving Easier for You and Your Kids

Prep your kids for the change

As mentioned, it’s essential that you talk to your kids, especially if you’re moving far away from your old home. What’s more, you should tell them about the move as soon as you learn about it. If your kids are younger, it’s paramount that you take the time to explain that nothing is really going to change for them, and that they’ll still have their toys and room just like they’re used to. If the home you’re moving to is even better than the one you live in now, don’t hesitate to tell them so. You may also want to take the kids to tour the new home before the actual moving day.

Smooth Move: Make Moving Easier for You and Your Kids

Prepare your new home, too

In order to make this move as smooth as possible for you and your kids, you also have to prepare the new place before you move in. This means that you should definitely have it completely cleaned and move-in ready by the time you say goodbye to your old place. If you can’t take care of the home because it’s too far away, opt for a cleaning service for that area, so that everything is pristine clean and waiting for the furniture to be brought in. Not only that, but make sure that the whole home is properly equipped for modern-day living, with proper wiring, plumbing, etc.

There are so many things you can do in order to make the family move less stressful. Of course, making a proper plan, a checklist and a schedule is essential, but don’t forget to find the necessary time for your kids who are probably experiencing such a drastic change for the first time in their life.

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