There are so many children who can not pronounce the words and identify the language in a proper way. This is a learning disability which happens in those children who grasp things slowly than other children. This is the case where the brain of such children works differently or quite slowly as compared to a normal child. Such children find it quite hard to identify a language and face the speech problems. Most of the children start speaking properly in their early ages however some of the children can not read and understand the speech even after crossing the normal age of starting to speak. It is very difficult to find out either the child has any sort of language difficulty or he is just a late bloomer? This is where the role of speech pathologist comes to help. A speech pathologist is an expert who not only identify the issue but also diagnoses the problem in a professional way. Well, before talking about him in details, let’s talk about other important things which are the causes because of which a child can suffer such issues.

What Are The Symptoms?

The earliest symptoms of learning disability is speech and language problems. Some kids are quite different than normal kids, they find it quite troublesome to speech sounds and speak any language to make people understand their thoughts. This happens because of their indifferent functionality of  brain. Most of the time when kids don’t respond to what you say, learning disability shouldn’t be always the reason, there can be a problem in his hearing. Therefore, you should also get to to the doctor for checking his hearing abilities.

Speech Pathologist

Speech Pathologist

When brain doesn’t work properly, it causes intellectual disabililty which further creates the problems such as speech and language delays. Well, this is not the only thing which causes intellectual disabilities, there are many other causes of the same. Some of them are:

  • Extreme environmental deprivation. If a child is kept inside a house and is not allowed to speak to others, chances are they would not be able to speak.
  • Various other neurological problems such as traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy can also affect the muscles which affect  speaking.
  • Other than this Autism can also cause speech problem.

Well, if children can’t communicate verbally, there are many other ways to keep them connected. Various things such as augmentative and alternative communication, sign language, and the pixture exchange communication system are some methods which really help these children to communicate with others.

What is the Role of Speech Pathologist?

Most of the people even after knowing some symptoms of such problems in their child, do take it very casually. However, this is one of the most problematic issues which also needs serious diagnose just like other health problems are addressed. Well, if you think there is something wrong with your child and he is not speaking even after crossing the age when he should have started speaking, you must consult a speech pathologist immediately for the same. The speech pathologists are those experts who treat children as well as adult who go through such disorders. There are various programs such as pediatric speech, communication and swallowing program, feeding program that help  children and adults to  a great extent to communicate and understand the language. Therefore, it is very important that you consult a speech pathologist, if you notice an abnormal behavior in your child after all precaution is always better than cure.

These days, speech pathologist are found in a multi specialty hospital as well as they practice individually.

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