Most kids loooove summer! There’s no school, the weather is nice and there’s always something going on! However, summers can also be very hot, humid and bug-filled, which is less than ideal. So, take a look at these tips and make this summer super-cozy for your children!

Cool down

If you want to make your kids comfortable this summer, you must first make them cool! If you have an AC and a humidifier in your home, it’ll be pretty easy to create the optimal indoor temperature, even when the sun outside is relentless. However, make sure to change your AC system filter regularly, at least once a month. Mold and dust that get stuck in the AC filter can seriously harm your kids’ health and cause all sorts of allergies and other respiratory issues. So, make sure to have plenty of spare filters on your hands!

Provide some good linen

If you ask people where they feel the most comfortable, most of them will say ‘in my bed’. However, sleeping in the summer can be a real bother with all the sweating, tossing and turning. So, make sure to make your kids’ summer nights cozy with some new bed linen. Opt for light blankets and sheets and leave your comforters for the winter. But, if you often tend to get a colder night in the summer, you can neatly store the comforter at the foot of your kids’ beds. This way, they’ll quickly be able to add some more warmth to their bed when needed!

Be careful with outings

During the more pleasant days and in the evenings, it’s time to take your kids outside. It’s very important for young children to catch some sun and vitamin D, so spending time outside should be your everyday occurrence. However, 10 to 15 minutes of direct sunlight is enough, especially for young kids. So, make sure to get proper sun protection for your outdoor space. For instance, handy window awnings can be installed on your patio or balcony to allow kids to catch fresh air while still staying shaded from the sun. They can also be installed over the windows to offer ample shade indoors, reduce your need for AC and even lower your energy bill!

Keep bugs away

Summer evenings can be a perfect time to go out for a nice play in the yard or organize an outdoor dinner. However, all the flies, mosquitos and other flying nuisances can really spoil all the fun! So, make sure to keep them at bay with fans and repellents. Installing a ceiling fan on your patio or pergola will not only keep flying bugs away from your space, but also provide you with a breeze. If that’s not enough to keep your outdoor space bug-free, you can bring out the big guns! There are great baby- and toddler-friendly bug sprays, wipes and balms, and some are even completely natural and safe for your kids!

Make it fun!

Is there anything more fun than splashing around in your private pool while it’s super-hot outside? Maybe visiting a water park, but while your kids are young, you might want to bring the water park to them! Get a small inflatable pool with a lot of floaties, beach balls and other pool-friendly accessories that will make their summer full of fun and excitement.

Give them space

If you have scorching summers where you live, you might want to prevent your kids from going out from 11 am to 4-5 pm when the sun is the most relentless. However, what you can do is give your kids space to play indoors and have fun while the temperature outside is raging. Try to designate one living room corner for playing by putting up a little area rug and a handy toy storage. This way, your kids will have a practical and comfy play area surrounded by their family!

Once you update your home with these tips, your kids and you will have a summer full of fun and comfort!

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