Things I did to Prepare Myself for The Baby Arrival

There are not many things in this world that are as strong and bonding as love for a child is; while on one hand things may be very freighting at the beginning (it is another human being you are becoming 100% responsible for, after all), on the other – they are so overwhelmingly beautiful and gratifying that there are hardly ever words strong enough, or descriptive enough to give the feeling the right amount of worth and recognition.

When my hubby Mike and I learned that we will become parents for the third time, the whole world stopped for a second. We never planned it, it was more one of those out-of-pure-love things. Even though we’ve already raised two healthy babies to that point, we were both so wonderfully excited about welcoming our third into this world.

Getting ready for the baby to join the family is a very individual thing. Everyone approaches it differently, but what I claim with confidence is that – it is as much of a physical process as it is a mental and an emotional one… and, each time is different, regardless of the mundane similarities like thinking where to place the crib or would the changing table be better placed in the corner or centre of the room.

Here, I am giving you the list of things I’ve done in the course of nine months to prepare our home and my family for our Lilly:

I talked to my older kids

By default, whenever there’s another kid around, your children will get jealous. This is particularly true for situations when your kids are close in age – each time a new baby is born, the other kids will feel like they’ll be deprived of their rightfully gained attention.

To prevent my two older kids from thinking that they are no longer loved just because they’ll be getting a baby sister, both Mike and I talked to them and explained that they have nothing to worry about. We’ve told them this is their sister who will love them more than they can imagine and that they should love her the same. Also, we’ve both pointed out that our love for them won’t decrease a single inch, no matter how involved we get with Lilly while she’s still little. The talk was fruitful, and I suggest it warmly to all the parents out there. Kids are smarter than you think, no matter how young they are.

We did some redecorating

Welcoming our third meant doing some redecorating. Nothing big, though – it was more for sanitary reasons. We wanted to welcome Lilly into a clean, fresh environment so we gave the walls a fresh coat of paint, cleaned the rugs and carpets, and replaced some of the regularly used chemicals with sanitary organic products. We made sure she had a clean, healthy home to come to.

I went shopping for goodies

All throughout my pregnancy I’d been doing a little shopping here and there, and I turned it into a fun adventure rather than a stressful must-do thing.

I was aware how much a new baby costs so I gave my best not to max out my credit card if I didn’t have to. Naturally, I had no problem investing in some of the essential supplies like diapers, new baby sheets and blankets, a new pacifier, bottles and breast pumps. I’ve also done a little research and reused some things to keep me from a hefty dose of buyer’s remorse. I did some browsing through the baby clothes of my older kids that I’d kept stored away and reused what could’ve been reused. I have also turned to on-discount baby items, and I was pleasantly surprised with the choices I was offered! It was all fun and turned out to be very practical!

We reorganized our finances

It goes without saying that, whoever wasn’t on a budget would buy everything in this world for their kids. Unfortunately, most of us have to think and rethink almost every penny we’ve got so buying clothes, baby gear, childcare and other supplies can add up pretty quickly.

However, not all of it has to be dramatic – planning ahead can help ease the financial burden and you won’t have to worry about having enough for the entire family.

What Mike and I did was sit down and lay out our incomes and savings so we could figure out what to do. Sure, apart from day to day expenses we have also talked about starting a college fund and choosing life insurance, but we’ve kept things more “immediate” and close to the present this time around.

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