Child care centres are meant for small children, toddlers and even grown up kids whose parents are working and do not have anyone to look after them. Child care centres are the perfect refuge to these kind of children as they have all the facilities and features necessary for the upbringing and caring such children belonging to all age group.

Outdoor environment, especially playground, plays a pivotal role to play in shaping up the personality of children. There is hardly any child who does not like to play. The child care centre playgrounds allow children to stay engaged and enjoy their playtime. Let us discuss some of the things that should be taken into consideration while building such a playground:

  • Security: The child care centre playgrounds should be secured. They should be located away from the main road so that children, even by mistake, should not get access to the road by any chance. The ground should be devoid of any hazardous or poisonous substance, creatures and debris.
  • Location: The playground of the child care centres should be visible from the inside of the building so that the staffs at the centre can keep an eye on the children all the times. Any kind of water body like ponds, ditches, streams etc should not be present on such playgrounds as children can trip and fall and all these can lead to fatal accidents. There should be sufficient shading in the playground so that children can sit under the shade as and when necessary. Slides and swings should preferably be placed under the shade to prevent sun- burns of the children.
  • Fencing: The child care centre playgrounds should have proper fencing so that strangers cannot enter the playground. This also works as the children are also unable to leave the playground without others’ supervision. But care should be taken so that the fence should not have any sharp edges to prevent accidents. The fencing should be such that climbing them won’t be possible from either side. The best material by which fencing can be done are redwood and cedar. Wood should generally be avoided as a fencing material as such fences break easily, are invaded by insects, and require frequent maintenance. Wooden fence, if chosen, should be properly coated with creosote and pesticides to prevent all these problems.

Playground Equipment Installation Features

  • Spacing: The equipment of the child care centre playgrounds should be spaced properly so that children using a particular type of ride or equipment are not interfered with those using some other. Also spacing allows less chances of accidents to occur during playing.
  • Entrapments: In such playgrounds any small entrapment can lead to fatal accidents. The body is flexible so the children can place their body in such entrapments, but since the head is wider than the body, the head might get stuck. This can turn out to be fatal.
  • Entanglement: The shoe strings and laces of the shoes might get entangled with on protruding bolts from the equipment. So special attention should be taken regarding the clothing of the children to avoid such accidents.

Overall, the children should constantly be inspected and supervised by the staffs of the child care centre playgrounds so that, by no means, they come across any kinds of fatal incidents.

It should be kept in mind that taking care of children is not an easy task. The staffs should constantly be at their toes, to meet the need of such children. Child care centre playgrounds are enjoyed by most of the children and with the joint effort of all the staffs, members and supervisors of such centres, they can turn out to be the ideal refuge for children.

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