Being a stay-at-home parent can be one of the nicest, but also one of the trickiest things in the world, depending on how well you get along with your child and what kind of a relationship you have. Being a work-at-home parent, however, is even more complicated, since you not only have to take care of your child all day long, but also squeeze in some work, if possible. It’s all manageable, of course, if you organize your schedule properly and know what you need to do every single day, yet it can really become quite hard. Therefore, if you too are a stay-at-home parent who also works from home at the same time, here are a couple of tips that might help you get organized.


Working from home – yay or nay?

No matter what you do and how much you love your job, going to the office every single day, spending eight hours there and commuting back home after an exhausting day can really take a toll on your mental and physical health. That’s why more and more people opt for working from home and prefer staying in their pajamas all day long instead of putting on a business suit. Being able to organize your own time, sleeping more and not having to drag yourself to the office day after day are among the biggest perks of working from home.

However, all these advantages come with a few disadvantages too – becoming disorganized, not being able to focus, letting the day slip by you, procrastinating and being surrounded by distractions such as a TV or a family member. And when you’re also a stay-at-home parent, things can get super tough: being able to spend time with your kid is amazing, but don’t expect to get much work done.


An office and a daycare

If you want to work from home, you need to set up a home office, and this can be rather hard, especially with a child crawling everywhere around you. If you have a spare bedroom or a decent basement, you can put your desk in there, bring in a laptop and you’re good to go. Naturally, once your business becomes more successful, you’re going to have to welcome potential clients and business partners into your office, so be sure to have adequate and comfortable home office furniture that will show just how serious and dedicated you are.

Again, designing a home office can be quite difficult when there’s a child involved, and most parents prefer giving their loved ones as much space as they need – and they need quite a lot! So, instead of occupying that spare bedroom, turn it into a nursery, a daycare or a playroom, and your kid will appreciate this more than anything in the world. You can still work in the living room or bedroom, just as long as your child is happy.


Children and responsibility

Being a parent is a full-time job and you can hardly have to relax and put your feet up. People generally don’t understand how much time, attention, love and devotion children need, and they often find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of work they have to put in. So, when you’re trying to decide whether the child makes your entire working-from-home organization easier or harder, just don’t: it’s definitely more complex and that’s that.

On the other hand, a child can really turn you into a different person – you can become happier, calmer and more open to new ideas, so an idea of balancing work and childcare at the same time might not be so bad. It’s all doable as long as you make a plan, stick to your schedule and try not to lose passion – you always need to know when, where and what you’ll be doing every day of the week, whether you decide to stay at home or work part-time.


No matter how hard these things sound, keep in mind that your children will appreciate you being around all the time and you’ll love watching them grow. Ultimately, relying on your partner is essential, as well as your own parents, friends and babysitters, so organize them all, and you’ll be stronger together!

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