An umbrella stroller is a foldable baby stroller which has the shape of an umbrella when it is folded and covered. Some may describe the shape like an upside down “J”. This type of stroller is meant for protecting the child from sunlight and rain. An umbrella stroller like on ultimate stroller guide is usually able to fold in different ways, which makes it extremely mobile and easy to maneuver, especially for parents who travel a lot. Because of how conveniently it folds, it does not add too much to their luggage.

umbrella stroller

These umbrella strollers usually come in of different types, models, grades, and their prices differ relatively. With this variation, you can pick whichever one you think suits you and your baby best.

How to pick best umbrella stroller

There are couples of things to consider when picking out a stroller, to be sure you’ve picked the best that suits your need.

Size of umbrella stroller

The models of umbrella strollers equally come in different sizes. It is important to determine the size that suits you as it will help you narrow your search to find what you’re looking for.  When a stroller is too big, it might be really difficult to use and fold into something really small. It could also make, it could also make your kid uncomfortable in it. So you need to be sure about your size you really want.


As surprising as this might sound, it is extremely important to know which wheels are underneath the strollers you’re planning on purchasing. Strollers come with either the four-wheel front, which has two wheels in front of each leg making it four wheels, or two wheels in front in which the stroller has one wheel per leg. The four-wheel strollers is a little complicated and don’t really give room for turning in different ways, unlike the single wheel umbrella stroller which is very convenient and can be maneuvered easily.

Stroller Brakes

Every stroller has brakes. And yes it has a significant role in the operation of an umbrella stroller. The brakes will need to be foot-friendly and easy to set. Otherwise, some parents will lose interest in setting it once they get it wrong sometimes. This altogether could lead them to give up on the idea of the stroller. For instance, the single wheel stroller comes with the simpler brakes which are pretty much easy to set and operate. While the dual wheel stroller, which comes with complex brakes are both difficult to set and operate.

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Yes, the time has a role in everything, including when you are looking to buy best umbrella stroller. Will be running errands all through the day, or are you going to pick up something from the grocery store? If you’re going to be out, I recommend you get a stroller with extra features like a leg stretcher, so that your kid can take naps in it while you go about your day peacefully without problems. Having said that, if you need an umbrella stroller for short errands, then go for it.

Financial Budget

This is just something that cannot be shoved out of the picture. You need to check your budget to be sure you don’t go bankrupt after purchasing the umbrella stroller you chose. Now the price might not be a problem to you depending on your financial strength, or it could be a problem to you if you’re not financially strong.

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