Alberta, Canada, is one of the most diverse places in the country; from being home to five of the 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites that Canada offers and boasting roughly 4.4 million people, there is bound to be a diverse population. At the center of it all is Calgary, the most prominent city in Alberta’s great province.

Everyone seems to think that this cookie-cutter outline of what city life is like, but that is simply not the case. What makes cities so unique is the people that live within them, and the more diverse these people are, the more impressive the town becomes. Calgary has no shortage of diversity, and this blends into the culture of the city.


Calgary is one of the most promising cities for young artists out there. The whole town heavily supports street art and all different kinds of art. That being said, the city itself has set up programs for street artists to show their creativity without vandalizing the town, which shows that the townspeople also care about where they live.

Accepting artists that come in from every level is something that Calgary takes great pride in. Whether you are brand new, just out of university, or a professional with several works done, there will be opportunities for you in Calgary.


A big part of art has to do with music, so aspiring musicians will often travel to Calgary in search of promising futures. One thing that is cool about Calgary’s culture is street busking. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it refers to people who play music on the street for tips.

Street busking is extremely popular in Calgary, and it is often how young musicians get their start. The city is relatively busy, so if people need to escape fast, they can just listen to someone playing a street song.


Festivals are a huge part of Calgary’s culture, and it is a big part of how they celebrate everyone’s diversity within the city. There are several festivals for all types of cultures living in the town to inform people and learn to enjoy other cultures.

Diversity typically has two reactions, embrace and reject. People who refuse diversity are typically afraid of what is different, which is a natural human instinct, but they make a huge mistake. Those who embrace things that are different than themselves and the culture they have made learn to love things that are not the same.

These people are the ones who move on to do bigger and better things. In Calgary and the culture that they have made, there aren’t many people who reject the town’s diversity. This makes Calgary a great place to live, and if you are looking to settle down somewhere new, there are plenty of Calgary homes for sale.

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